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Wish to appeal to the 3 warning points

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: 

I saw that I received 3 Points warning for saying "LOL" on a post in a topic that I started. This is my first rule violation in months.  I understand the rule 1.5 and now that I have personal experience with it, I will learn from it. Rule 1.5 is unique and I've never been in any forums that has such a rule. I wasn't thinking clearly when I made that post and it was a mistake on my end for not being more considerate. I sincerely apologize for my ignorance. It will not happen again. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I personally feel that 3 points is a bit harsh for someone new and trying to develop a good reputation in the community. I request mercy from the staff. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'd like a warning for my behavior. A show of mercy from the staff.  

What could you have done better?: I could have researched Rule 1.5 when I became part of the community. Honestly I felt that I wasn't going to become very active in the forums since I just wished to focus on RP on the game itself. I didn't expect to become so active on the forums and so interested in community that I am now. This community and is unique and it drew me to being part of it. I really enjoy the comments I receive from staff and other community members. I should have spoken to friends and other staff members about the forums rules so I can be made to better understand them. I am currently doing that now with my group members and getting a far better understand of the rules as I type this out. I will not repeat my mistakes.  


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A separate team of staff members have reviewed your appeal and points and have come to the conclusion to deny it. Your post has been deemed unnecessary as it did not contribute anything meaningful to the thread at hand. In addition, we do not revoke points based on community members requesting mercy as other community members could abuse that system by breaking rules knowing that their points would be deducted should they ask for forgiveness after doing so. 

With that said, appeal denied.

Signed by @Saunders & @Derek Steel

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