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Winter Lianne

Descendant of A Relative of A Famous Person And/Or Sibling of Famous Person?

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So I had an idea for a new character after doing a bit of research on Simo "Simuna" Häyhä, who has been named the best sniper in history, having a body count of over 500 while the American Chris Kyle had 250. It's not stated anywhere that I can see that Somi had children, let alone a wife, but it is stated he had siblings. My idea was to create a character who is a descendant of one of those siblings, and due to hearing about their great-uncle's history, followed his footsteps to become a great sniper. They aren't a descendant of Somi directly, and it doesn't alter Somi's history itself. This character would be 2-3 maybe 4 generations down from Somi's sibling. I've asked this question in the discord, but felt it better to ask here.

Can I create a character who is a descendant of either a famous person from some time ago, or a descendant of the famous person's siblings, as I haven't seen anyone state that it is or isn't allowed, but I know that creating a famous character isn't, so this is a question that should be asked regardless.


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