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ShaggyShack Inn

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*Kenneth cleans his house as he picks up his radio*

Hi it's me, Kenneth dude. I'm like really happy and shit to tell you guys about the Inn im Starting up in Polana man. I will serve flod, herbs and and a nice comfy bed to snuggle down in after dude. 

The inn is located in the beige house next to the church. Two story building my dude. Place is always open even when im not around. Help yourself in man.

See you in Polana. Peace my dudes!

*Kenneth let's go of the PTT*

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Mikael turns his gaze to the house in question and can clearly see a man moving around on the top floor thrue his scoop and presses the ptt 

"I thought that house was closed up for security reasons sir. I sugest you board up the windows if you are planning to have guests...nice broom  by the way"

Mikael releases the ptt and studies the man's reacton

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*Kenneth giggles as he picks up hos radio*

My dude, security reasons? I talked the the wolfleaderlady last night and it was all good. What up?

*Kenneth let's go off the radio*

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Slowly turns back toward the and looks at the man as he presses the ptt and talks in a low tone

"Not much, it seem to be a calm day it's not even raining on me today"

Goes quiet as he hears an close by infected but keeps the ptt presst to prevent voices coming from the radio.

"Sorry about that...stray infected close by"

Releases the ptt

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Larry quirks a brow at the mention of an inn opening in Chernarus. He finishes his cigarette, raises his radio to his mouth before pressing the PTT.

"'Ey, fella, will this be some koind'o travelodge ye' plan on runnin'? If so do ye' plan on servin' up some bevvies? An' what koind? Oi could do with a drink or two."

Behind the radio the gypsy smiles faintly with interest, his tone seems genuine and keen for an answer.

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