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Flaming Appeal - 5 Points

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Shown in the image below.


Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is not fair since who ever was reviewing through the posts thought I was intending/meaning on calling him a "retard" for not getting the hint.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: So, after reading the warning, I believed I was not clear in what I was trying to say on the thread, so I will ilaborate here. The reasoning on why I quoted @Challenger with "Retard alert" says the one who clearly can't get the hint that his pants are bugged out 🤨", was me trying to get at the fact that there was a report that was put up by @Nik directly about the sistuation that his video was on about his pants. His pants were bugged out and he was killed for a bullshit reason. Clearly in the vudeo he made he showed no disregard about what happened and made a meme. The report can be seen below. 

Now I am not just pulling anything out of the blue since I was at the situation and saw @Nik's pants bug out the moment he entered the camp and because I was called in the report, even though the report was closed I still believe that he should still understand that it was not flame-bait as I am trying to get him to understand that there was other factors towards the sistuation and not him being a "retard". Going back on my statement, is that I can see what I said may come off as me calling him a "retard" in a staff member perpective but I simply wasn't meaning it that way. All I was trying to intent is that he would possibly think on what happened in Polana that day since @Nik wasn't purposely trying to look or act like a "retard", he was simply bugged out and was killed for it. I also was getting at him maybe not making jabbing edits towards other members of the community in a video posted publicly on there group thread where everyone can see it. I understand that it wasn't the greatest approach to trying to get my point across but I think that the staff team can review this as looking at it from my perpective and not look at it in a bad way. Yes my warning history may say otherwise but I wouldn't make a appeal if it wasn't something I couldn't argue properly. Furthermoore, rule 1.1 states: We demand all our members to be polite, behave maturely and with respect towards one another at all times. Do not insult, bully, harass, troll or provoke other DayZRP members. So once again in my perpective I was clearly stating that he should of understood what came out of this sistuation and not make him look like a "retard". In no way did I insult, bully, harass, troll or provoke him. In conclusion I simply was telling him to get the hint that he was bugged. I Hope who ever reviews this can see it from my stand point.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed.

What could you have done better?: Not have quoted the video, not have went on the thread, or not have logged on the website.

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A separate staff team has reviewed your case and decided to deny your appeal. You can express yourself in better ways than calling people names. in this situation we feel that you could have refrained from pulling the retard comment

Appeal Denied.

Signed: @Derek Steel @Samti

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