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The Merciless BBQ

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*Vali returns back to Polana and opens a fresh bottle of shitty Polish Vodka, he takes a shot and hands it to his buddy Ivan who takes a double shot. Vali then presses the PTT on his radio*

"Hello people of Chernarus, I would like to make a very special announcement. We have some more cannibals in the region. Merciless. The other night 2 of their members, Vincent and Billie tried to suicide bomb members from the District, Wolfpack, Legion, and myself. Upon their failure we captured one and found of that they are in fact cannibals. They are not to be trusted by any groups and should be actively hunted until the cannibals are wiped off the planet. If you find any of them it is recommended you leave the area or execute them. Thank you and goodnight."

*He releases the PTT and takes another sip shaking Ivan's hand*

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A low groan is heard as Mikael wails up

"I smell more target practice, thank you for this information. I'm sure my boss will have no issues with me dispatching some waistband justice on these cannibals"

Mikael releases the ptt and goes back to scouting the area thrue his scoop

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