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Georgia Banks


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*Georgia is lying in a bed, thinking too much, she presses her PTT, for a moment, silence. A pause… she lets go. Falling apart, she presses it down again, because, there’s something he should know.*


“ I “broke your heart” but, it was never mine to break.

“Revenge is a bitch” but, it wasn’t yours to take.

Let us remember, you left me.

No warning, no discussion, no option, hardhearted as could be.

You say our memories… were “not so great”

It’s you who chose to shroud your memories with hate.

Our time together was a whirlwind, the end, unexpected.

But my memories of you will remain protected... ”

*Her voice breaks as she struggles to continue speaking.*


“ I remember a kind, gentle stranger.

I remember a strong, courageous man, protecting me from danger.

I remember long nights, turned into mornings.

I remember blissfully ignoring the warnings.

I remember your laugh, and how it made me smile.

I remember running together for miles.

A moment with you, felt like a lifetime, in a good way.

I understand, but can’t accept, why you wouldn’t stay. ”

*A sigh of release is heard, and her voice softens.*

“  I’ll always love you J. ”


*Georgia lets go of the PTT, lays it down and falls asleep*

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*Jackson sits on the cold concrete holding his dead bestfriend's head on his leg and Jackson sounds like he has been crying*

*You would hear a firefight and a Chernorussian man Dying in the backround*

I'm sorry, I fucked up and I lost myself. Earlier today I ran across you and I was to scared to talk to you. Truth is I miss you and I lov.... 

*Jackson's voice cuts out and you would hear close gun fire and a female scream then Jackson Resumes*

I'm in trouble everyone is dying and they are breaking down my gates. I dont know if this is it, but if it is i want you to know im sorry but its better where you are then where I am. If i survive maybe we can talk more but right now...

*You hear a male voice screaming to his mother getting cut off with a shotgun blast* 

I really hope your doing alright. I want you still to be safe I believe the people ive left you with are good people...

*You hear a Russian man kick down the door screaming the radio goes silent*






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