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Server time (UTC): 2020-07-13, 16:47
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S1: Griefing in Lopatino

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Server and location: S1, Lopatino

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Somewhere between 7PM 29-07-2019 to 4PM 30-07-2019

Your in game name: Nikola Kovac

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: No idea

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No friendly vehicles, no clue about enemy, posibbly none.

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 20190730185337_1.jpg.5e767df57ccd412e1da801330753ff46.jpg

Detailed description of the events: Someone broke into our base and somehow put on the codelock code correctly (because I had the codelock right beside a gate) and took most of our stuff, then they proceed to throw most of our stuff on the ground so it despawns, this is clearly been done in order to grief us. I would like to know who has done it and I want them to be punished. I am pretty sure they didn't carry most stuff away but just throw it or something because we are missing like 5-6 big guns (Unless they were a big group or had a car).

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Connection Logs:

14:28:13 | Player "Chris Iris" is connected
16:40:40 | Player "Chris Iris" has been disconnected

14:28:46 | Player "John Wolf" is connected
17:01:05 | Player "John Wolf" has been disconnected

14:28:03 | Player "Billy Benton" is connected
17:05:31 | Player "Billy Benton" has been disconnected


Building Logs:

14:46:18 | Player "John Wolf" (pos=<2879.8, 9725.0, 271.0>)[HP: 99.335] hit by Fence with MeleeDamage
14:46:50 | Player "John Wolf" (pos=<2879.4, 9722.1, 271.0>)[HP: 98.515] hit by Fence with MeleeDamage

14:50:31 | Player "Chris Iris" (pos=<2855.5, 9738.7, 271.7>) dismantled Fence with Pliers
14:51:33 | Player "Chris Iris" (pos=<2855.6, 9739.1, 271.7>) built Fence with Pliers


Position Logs:

14:47:32 | Player "Chris Iris" (pos=<2854.3, 9737.5, 272.7>)
14:47:32 | Player "John Wolf" (pos=<2854.1, 9737.4, 271.7>)
14:52:31 | Player "Chris Iris" (pos=<2856.0, 9749.9, 271.7>)
14:52:31 | Player "John Wolf" (pos=<2855.6, 9750.8, 271.7>)
14:57:30 | Player "Chris Iris" (pos=<2856.2, 9749.6, 271.7>)
14:57:30 | Player "John Wolf" (pos=<2855.2, 9750.8, 271.7>)
15:02:30 | Player "Billy Benton" (pos=<2854.9, 9751.3, 271.7>)
15:02:30 | Player "Chris Iris" (pos=<2855.7, 9749.7, 271.7>)
15:02:30 | Player "John Wolf" (pos=<2856.3, 9751.1, 271.7>)
15:07:29 | Player "Billy Benton" (pos=<2850.9, 9751.6, 271.7>)
15:07:29 | Player "Chris Iris" (pos=<2855.8, 9749.7, 271.7>)
15:07:29 | Player "John Wolf" (pos=<2855.2, 9750.8, 271.7>)
15:12:29 | Player "Billy Benton" (pos=<2855.7, 9749.8, 271.7>)
15:12:29 | Player "Chris Iris" (pos=<2855.5, 9750.7, 271.7>)
15:12:29 | Player "John Wolf" (pos=<2853.9, 9748.9, 271.7>)
15:17:29 | Player "Billy Benton" (pos=<2809.0, 9237.1, 265.9>)
15:17:29 | Player "Chris Iris" (pos=<3273.0, 8828.0, 289.5>)
15:17:29 | Player "John Wolf" (pos=<3247.1, 8865.8, 289.3>)


Calling in to post PoV's:

@Uranium | Nikola Kovac | POSTED
@ImNovaaa | Chris Iris | 
@DancyMrBob | John Wolf | 
@xxxDynastyWolf | Billy Benton |

Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE you have

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I'm sorry that you think we attempted to grief you. If you can remember you attempted to rob my Lopatino house a while back and I ended up setting you up. My character then sought to seek revenge so myself and the two other members of my group raided you. Before raiding your base I came from NW airfield with little to no gear. I grabbed random items here and there and ended up with lots of random ammo. As you can see in the screenshot he took there is a decent amount of 7.62 by 54 and other rounds. The black tactical shirt is also mine and it is damaged I believe. As we were finishing up looting there were quite a few shots that kept getting closer and closer. So we took most of his guns and bailed. This all took place in Lopatino.

Keep in mind most of the items on the floor if not all are our items we had traded out for yours to make extra space. I'm sorry if you are upset about the situation. Nobody was trying to grief you though. Just getting revenge for Billy.

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Hello, so our group member @xxxDynastyWolf had told us of a base in Lapatino. This base was owned by the people who had  tried to rob @xxxDynastyWolf recently. So the grief rule is: "4.8 Griefing is act of damaging or destroying a player base, storage container, vehicles or their contents using OOC knowledge, ill intent or doing so without IC reasoning that is proportionate to the damage done." Knowing you had attempted to rob my group member we decided while we are up north lets stop by and have some revenge. So it was all IC knowledge. Also i'd like to add, the things on the floor on the left side of the picture are our things that we dropped in order to hold more of their items, anything left of there's was left in their crates and the one barrel. So again, knowing who you were, what you've done, and knowing these things IC; we had every reason to raid your base. 

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I'm a newer member to the group. Dynasty told me about this guy in lopatino who tried to break into his house. So I did what I was told and we busted in then took what we needed (guns).

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5 minutes ago, ImNovaaa said:

Knowing you had attempted to rob my group member

I never tried robbing him, he saw me with a crowbar in my hand and I was right next to you guys' door so he ASSUMED that I was robbing even though I was not in fact I found the said crowbar outside your house, in the shed next to it. So you all did it based on an assumption.


15 minutes ago, xxxDynastyWolf said:

If you can remember you attempted to rob my Lopatino house a while back and I ended up setting you up.


16 minutes ago, xxxDynastyWolf said:

Just getting revenge for Billy.

Same answer as above but you also did rob me in your own house and locked me in right before you left the area, so I do not know what "revenge" was that other than clear act of dropping stuff around the base so those stuff do disappear..

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Man when I got online I heard hacking at the gate. I walked out you stopped and I aimed a shotgun at you. I then gave you the benefit of the doubt, but do you really think it is a bright idea to walk around someones base with a crowbar in hand ? OOC sorry that we took from you, but my group needs the gear more than you. IC I can't be worrying about you are your peoples needs and the fact that you may be upset. How about you go into your crates and barrel and screenshot to see what we did not touch. I know that there is a lot there. Like I said once before a large portion of what is on the ground is what we dropped to make space for your stuff in our inventory's. The pile on the left is my gear I dropped. The few items on the right are from Nova and that crowbar I found at North west airfield.

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2 minutes ago, xxxDynastyWolf said:

I heard hacking at the gate.

I hear some random hacking from time to time too, I think that is a bug or something. I wasn't breaking in when you were online.


3 minutes ago, xxxDynastyWolf said:

How about you go into your crates and barrel and screenshot to see what we did not touch.

I moved stuff around to see the damage, we got 2 whole empty crates, if I am not mistaken we lost atleast 4 guns as well as mags.

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Hey man, I get that we took four guns and that sucks. We loose stuff all of the time, but that's apart of the game. Hence why we keep weapons on us, only really storing tools that are easily replaceable.  

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The staff team has looked over the report and from logs and POVs posted we have decided that this report will be closed with a inconclusive verdict due to us not being able to confirm if the items belong to the base or the accused . We do want to stress that in future, when raiding bases, try and put stuff back in crate or take it with you and don't just leave it on the ground.

With that said, we have decided to close this.


signed: @Derek Steel @Saunders

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