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Johnny Navid

Zelenogorsk isn't safe.

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*Jackson presses his PTT while lays on a table while a nurse treats his cuts*

*You would hear Jackson's tired voice and occasionally groaning*

This is some shit. If you live up in Zelnogorsk I recommend moving. Two days ago I was travelling alone I got left by my group and I got snatched up and was imprisoned for a while. All in this time while i still had my radio my group ignored my desperate needs for help. When I got caught talking to my group they punished me. They threw rocks hit me burned my favorite hat, but whats worse in the whole situation they carved something in my back. 

*You would hear the nurse read whats on my back "Wash away a man throw him in the floods"

But any way if you are in the Zelnogorsk area stay away from an all black clothing group. There was about 4 men and one woman. I Really hope all of you stay safe keep your friends close but you weapon closer.

*You Hear Jackson Groan over the pain and the radio goes to static*



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