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So It Goes - [Open Freq.]

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*The light sounds of wind rustling against the breeze waver through the popping and whirring of static from your radio, at first seeming as though someone absentmindedly depressed the PTT on their own device, allowing the brief silence to break into your own world for but a moment. Before long, a soft voice is heard. American, young, and tinted hues of mourning she speaks voice low,*

" ... I don't think I'll get to see you again. I mean, where you are now. 

Because of everything that is going on. Maybe after things calm down.


I want you to know, I miss you. Bet you guessed that much, hah. I also want you to know that you are--were, ... were the best. Really."

*She exhales audibly, her voice hitching along her breath*

"I suppose I can say, you taught me a lot. Like, a lot of things I didn't know and I never got to say thank you for that. I'm sorry, I should of said thank you a lot more when I could. It just seemed like you were always going to be here, you know? Always be around, since you promised. So I figured, 'Ah I'll say it later' but ... Later's here, and you're not. 

I'm sorry about that. I hope you're not upset with me, where ever you are now.


I still have those photos, I won't lie I stole the one from your school file in Servero... I would say sorry, but I'm not sorry about that. I also still have the family one, you know? From your house with Petra and Milan. Suppose it's stupid to hold onto these kinds of things, but they're all I have left."

*A shaky inhale is heard, and her voice takes on a higher pitch as she sniffles trying to carry on,*

"I never regretted knowing you, and I am sorry for causing all this to happen, I'm sorry for not figuring out shit sooner. I didn't mean for i-it to all happen, you know? I just ... Fuck, I don't know. If I knew that this would happen I would of just ran off some place far, far away. 

Fuck, I would trade me for you if I could. You were so good, so strong but I'm stupid and weak and a idiot. All I do is get my friends hurt, an-and I can't even stop it from happening or fuck, even help them after the fact. 

You were just doing what was right, and ... it cost you so much.

I'm sorry, Jaro. I don't know if you can even hear this, but maybe somehow, somewhere ... 

Please, please don't hate me. 


Please forgive me.


I'm so sorry."

*The transmission ends swiftly, the static cutting out as the broadcast ends unceremoniously as it began.*

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*The man leans against the half-rotted dresser, tugging the cap off his eyes. He knocks the radio against his temple for a few times. Pondering, going over things. His visage remaining still, but his mind was racing. His blue gaze waking into vibrancy with the same determination*


"I'm the one who made that radio broadcast earlier that you answered to. I can't tell you my name yet, but perhaps you'll recognize my voice out there somewhere. Names can carry a lot of gunpowder in them by association and finding my friend laced with bullets won't probably earn me many favors in a time where people might gun you down over a bowl of porridge."

*He scratches his beard for a hint and leans back, his head tilting backwards. His gaze painting blue brushstrokes against the damaged ceiling. Prying the past open with his words, just like the water was prying apart slowly the structure that he made his temporal home at*


"Jaro... was a man of principle, he never stood anywhere he didn't mean to stand. He stuck by his own choices, and most likely stuck by this one to the end as well. If he made it his principle to do this, it was as important to him as the air he took into his lungs. Integrity..

You know he once told me.  "Ano.. compromises must be made, but they should never be done at the cost of yourself. Because when it comes down to it, that is the only thing you will have left in the end. You don't want to lose yourself."

Perhaps that's the reason we got along so well, he had his own way of doing things. Sometimes not visible, subtle. No words, just a look from his unimpressed amber gaze, a light shake of head  *he laughs slightly* Sometimes making his point clear and loud. Honestly, his own words."

*He closes his lids over his blue eyes and taps the radio against his forehead again, before pressing the PTT*

"He gave room for my own principle, freedom. The freedom to make decisions on my own, to use my words not anyone elses. To walk on my own two feet without bearing on me, just discussing the variables.... But perhaps I've talked too much, but know this"

"I don't know what happened in the end, but what I do know is that.. Jaro would never hate anyone for the steps his own two feet took. Take it from a man who knew him for a long time. And judging by how you sounded like earlier and now, you knew him well too.."

"I could go on for ages, but I have my own steps to take now. Take care eh.. kitten?"  *as the puzzle pieces began lodging together inside his mind*

*He does his best mimicry of Jaro though he somewhat sounds similar in his base voice*

"Look at me, Look at me, mm?  Everythings peachy keen, jellybean, huh?"   

*He shuts down the radio, tilting the cap against his eyes again. Taking in a deep gulp of air and sighing it out. Pondering on the case at hand, as his arms folded over his broad chest. But then again a nap did good for the mind every now and then after all."



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Shakes stops his conversation with Emily after hearing the radio buzz to life.
Hearing the broadcast, he clasps his radio in both his hands and takes a deep exhale - his face losing colour and he takes a deep gulp.
He presses his PTT, but nothing but static and cold, dark silence fill the channel as he sits there in shock, not knowing what to say.
In a low, soft tone, he finally gets some words out.

It sounds like I've got a lot to catch up on.

You're strong Ellie. I'm sorry this happened to you.

He rests his head on the wall behind him.

I didn't know Jaro that well. At all.

I never got to go on those adventures as much as I wanted but..

He was a good guy. Funny too.

He takes a deep exhale.

Stay strong Ellie. I know you've got it in you.

If you ever need to talk, you have my frequency.

Or, if you really need. Come visit me and Emily. 

You know where.

He releases the PTT and gently puts the radio down to his side, staring at Emily with an expression of hurt and mourn.







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Mary stops what she is doing after hearing the radio buzz to life.
listening to her she grabs her radio and presses the PTT and speaks in a soft quiet voice and speaks

Ellie I know what your going through and I know it's hard  and I am truly sorry this is happening to you, your strong don't take that away from you and your smart you take what is thrown at you, you take it and get back up again and I know it's hard but try not to think about it, it will just make it worse

She trace's some words carved in a wall slowly before speaking again

He was a good man, someone you could count on and know he had your back, he was the quiet and calculating but was also funny and I know he would not want you blaming yourself Ellie, he could never hate you, you did nothing wrong, do not blame yourself for this Ellie.

Jaro was his own man, who made his own choices, he did what he thought was right to protect those he cared for and he would have had it no other way

a tear rolls down her cheek

Sometimes Ellie we don't always get to say what we want to say before it's to late, you have his photo's he would not be angry about that, hold on to them and when you want to see his face again look on those, the people we love, the people we care for they never truly leave us. I  never got to say goodbye either just try not to think on it and honor his memory the best you can, stay strong Ellie even the best of us have moments where we doubt ourselves, instead of thinking about his death think about the good times you had it might make it a little better

Releases the PTT button and wipes a few tears away before slowly continuing down the deserted overgrown street


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Hutch's normally cheerful voice comes over the radio with a somber tone.

"Ellie, I am so sorry that Jaro isn't around anymore. He was a great friend to all of us and a man I'm glad to have gotten to know a little. He was a strong man; a straight shooter. I always looked forward to getting a drink in his bar in Severograd when he opened it. Too bad he never got to see his dream through. Maybe we should get together to place a memorial there soon, ahhhhhhhh-no? Stay strong, Ellie. I'm always here if you want to talk. Rest in peace, Jaro. See you soon my friend."

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*Elly would look at her radio listening to the people around her preparing for yet another gunfight, worried she would distract herself answering the radio, she would sound mature and sincere*

"From Elly to Ellie. I am sorry for your loss. I too have lost a lot of people. You are never prepared, never ready to loose someone and never really do we get to say all the things we wanted to. Maybe in his memory remember to tell the people around you what you need to before its to late? I don't believe you need advice, I met you plenty to see you are a smart young woman. Don't sell yourself short and I am sure the message hit the right ears and was received by the one intended for."

*Looking around herself alone in her corner, she takes a deep breath, sounding much younger and more scared*

"The little time we have left, lets hope we get to spend as much of it with those we care about."

*Tears would fall down her face, she would mumble to herself in her small 5 year old sounding voice*

"Its ok I will always be..., where did you go?... please don't leave."

*The last line would be hardly understood as she stopped pressing the PTT properly and then it fully cut off.*

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