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has everyone gone mad ? [Open Frequency]

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*sitting in a dark stairway of an old abandoned house, Killian picks up his radio and holds down the PPT*

" What is this world really coming to? As if the zombies that walk the land aren't challenging enough to survive. Not to mention the temperatures and the basic needs of life like finding good food and water.  Now the many men around the whole land of chernarus who lack any morals whatsoever and just like to rob people and shoot at them for the fun of it.  Hear me out though all these groups of people with their stupid arm bands going around being big bad tough guys against small lonely guys like me who are just trying to survive is ridiculous. Im another Human yet  get treated like dirt . Why you ask..... because I have something someone wants?  I have been left with practically nothing multiple times now  because a guy who has more then i ever had.... wanted it. I mean is it just me out here being treated like this ?  If anyone is out there that isn't a complete jerk wants to hang out  or just talk you can catch me on this frequency until the next guy robs me of this radio.........


 "somethings gotta change"

*Static roars across the radio as Killian releases the PPT*  He sit eating his last apple before going out to scavenge again*

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Mikael listens to the man talking and after a short while decides to answer and talks in a low tone

"This is Mikael. I use to be in the same boat as you not too long ago. I'm apart of the Wolf pack now and we have a good thing going in Polana.
I'm not saying its a hundred percent safe here but it is safer.
Look for people with green or blue armbands."

Mikael is silent for about 40 seconds faint voices can be heard and footsteps sounding really close

"There are unknowns around my location I have to go, stay safe out there"

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"One, they're not zombies. They're alive just with an awful illness. Two, I understand what you mean, the world has gone mad, I urge you don't go to Polana where the puppies hide behind the wolves. Theres settlements all over the west with much more of a capacity to survive and help you. Hope to see you."



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* Killian grabs his radio with rage* *PPT*

" Green and Blue armbands you say huh Mikael? you surely lost your mind sir. I have already been robbed by guys in blue arm bands. if you honestly think id walk into that situation you would be mistaken." 

"yeah i use the term loosly when i say zombies my apologies on that, settlements out west you say? settlements of the peaceful type or ones that take a kind guy like myself as a hostage or slave.... cuz lately thats the only type of people i have encountered here! I mean people play the im thirsty u have any water and just as i say oh sure no problem ill help you out they pull a gun and take me hostage to take everything."  Surely there has to be people out there with some sense of compassion"

*he'd let go of the PPT as he hears a car driving by*

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::Brandon holds down on his PTT again, and his slowing fading but still noticeable Brooklyn accent graces the radio waves once again.::


"No sir, no slavery or anything. I can't say exactly where at the moment as we are working on something big; However, I promise you you'll find many friendly faces out west. I can't promise you complete safety, as I am sure many unsavory people will wander past the border of the East, but there are people here willing to protect you if you need aid. My name is Brandon Terrano by the way, I am happy to see you understand the ignorance and stupidity of the "Wolf" Pack in Polana. More like a pack of puppies if you ask me. Anyways, I digress, I hope to see you out west my friend."

::Terrano releases hit PTT and continues on his way.::

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"I've never had issues in Polana, everyone is nice, they work, never said a bad word about anyone.
They always have food available for travellers and their town is well protected.
It's not a bad place to be honest

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* Benny pushes down on the PTT *

Good on you for not listening to these idiots on going to Polana. They're not going to have food for you and their baby sitters will rob you of your shit or make you change into random clothes they've found just because they know the puppy pack isn't going to say shit to them.

There are some people who run a nice place in Novaya Petrovka who actually have an interest in your well being and give out supplies. They'd be worth much more of a visit than. Look for their red armbands.

* Static *

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*Ryan Pushes down on the PTT*

"I have to disagree with you. I've been in Polana for 2 days and im now living there. They've provided food and water for the public. Not once have I seen them rob anyone of their belongings!"

*Ryan would sigh and take his fingers off the PTT*


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*A thick Chernarussian accent would come over the frequency.*

"The world has changed. So should you. It is impossible for one man over radio to fix the worlds problems. You may survive easier in numbers, but no matter your decision you will upset someone else, resulting in petty needless death. Hence the bloodshed in this land."

"My suggestion since you seem to know no better. Shut the fuck up and grow a backbone."

*The frequency would go quiet again.*

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** hears transmission, and heart breaks as she has been in his shoes, without hesitation Violet picks up her radio and responds**

We are a group just like you, we've come together to protect and care for each other. We're not much but we are family and we are always open to having new family. Radio me and we can meet. 

**ends transmission and hopes she has just saved another soul, hoping to be their salvation**

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