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S1 - Attempted KOS

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Server and location: S1 Near Kozlovka

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-07-28, about 17:54

Your in game name: Arnost Kovar

Names of allies involved: Izabela Kovar, Willem Nedved

Name of suspect/s: unknown, logs will show

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: 

We were returning home from loot run from Dubky. @Razareth was opening lock to our gate when I notice a person coming from behind the corner. I take a few running steps towards her, yellin "There is a person there! Ahoj!" And then the suspect lifts her rifle, and tries shooting at @Mia and @Razareth. I rise my rifle and shoot the suspect to death. We did not drop an initation, nor neither did the accused. He fired before we did anything hostile.

Edited by Isaiah CortezPVE

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Izabela (Bela) Kovar POV:

My older brother Arno, Willem, and I were returning to camp from a supply run in Dubky.  We were standing outside the fence while Willem was unlocking the gate when I heard something and looked up to see a woman come around the corner, raise her weapon, and shoot.  Before she could get off another shot, my brother, Arno, unloaded his AK into the woman killing her instantly and saving us from possible harm.  Arno is my hero. 

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POV of Willem Nedved:

We had headed to Chernogorsk to look for supplies. After finding a few items we headed back to our base. I was busy opening the gate when I saw movement out of my right eye. I stopped and walked towards the person to RP. The person disappeared behind the fence and emerged with a Mosin and fired upon @Mia and myself. I took out my pistol and returned fire, but @Isaiah CortezPVE had already mowed him down. There was no communication from the attacker to attempt Roleplay or anything.

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Connection Logs:


16:26:45 | Player "Arnost Kovar" is connected

17:01:03 | Player "Willem Nedved" is connected

16:45:59 | Player "Bela Kovar" is connected

16:45:43 | Player "Scott Tanning" is connected
17:54:30 | Player "Scott Tanning" has been disconnected
17:55:33 | Player "Scott Tanning" is connected

Hit Logs:


17:51:16 | Player "Scott Tanning" hit by Player "Arnost Kovar" with AKM from 12.0328 meters 
17:51:17 | Player "Scott Tanning" hit by Player "Arnost Kovar" with AKM from 11.8681 meters 
17:51:18 | Player "Scott Tanning" hit by Player "Arnost Kovar" with AKM from 13.1827 meters 
17:51:18 | Player "Scott Tanning" hit by Player "Arnost Kovar" with AKM from 13.1827 meters 
17:51:20 | Player "Scott Tanning" hit by Player "Arnost Kovar" with AKM from 4.21028 meters 

Kill Logs:


17:51:17 | Player "Scott Tanning" (DEAD) killed by Player "Arnost Kovar" with AKM from 11.8681 meters 

Calling in for POV's:

@Isaiah CortezPVE | Arnost Kovar | POSTED

@Mia | Bela Kovar | POSTED

@Razareth | Willem Nedved | POSTED

@brassknuckles | Scott Tanning |

Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE you have

@brassknuckles will be temp banned until he provides his full, detailed POV

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@Isaiah CortezPVE@Mia & @Razareth approach the camp and are awaiting the gate to be unlocked, when @brassknuckles peaks around the corner of the wall and raises his mosin at them and attempts to kill one of the 3 people, he is then gunned down by @Isaiah CortezPVE and killed.

@brassknuckles You attempted to kill someone with no RP and did not initiate.


4.1 All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players. Hostile actions or initiations must be done personally and on specific targets who must be aware who the attacker is, for example they cannot be done remotely through radio or PA system.

@brassknuckles You attempted to kill 3 armed people, while only having a mosin from close range, there was little, possibly even zero chance of your survival in this situation.


3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead.




@brassknuckles When engaging in hostile actions against other players, always make sure to initiate.
@brassknuckles When engaging in hostile actions against other players, keep a real life representation of your character, do not try to fight when the chances of survival is zero.

@brassknuckles | Attempted Invalid Kill - on sight, No value for life (NVFL) | 7 day ban, 10 warning points | Character permanently killed (Scott Tanning)

Signed @Realize & @Saunders

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