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The Diary of Jack Ryder

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Day One:

After waking up in a field i found myself just north of Pavlovo, i headed through the town to the old Army base south of Pavlovo, after picking up what i could from the Base i headed north to Zlenogorsk, where i looted the base on the outside of the town there, i came a cross some helpful things, i remembered that their was a base to the north side of Zlenogorsk so i headed up there, when i got there i found no one around, so i made camp in the car outside the base, when i woke up i heared two friendly voices from inside the base, someone asked who i was and where i came from, i told them i used to trade here a while back, they let me in to trade with them, i gave them some stuff and got what i needed, leaving headed towards the North west airfield to see if i could find a better gun than the one i had (SKS) when i got to the airfield i found several frag grenades flashed bangs and clothing and ammo, wow i have more than enough ammo, i ran into a guy fighting a zombie, i had a chat with him and we went our separate ways, i didnt find what i was looking for at the airfield so i continued north west to Tisy where i started at the tents finding more ammo and smoke grenades, i found more clothing and other things, i also found some night vision, this was a good day. I left the base happy that i had found something that i was looking for. I left the base and camped for the night in the woods east of the base.


Day Two:

I woke up, Something about today felt good, i got my things together and put it all in my bag and headed back to Tisy, i checked around some more, where i managed to find some more nightvision, 4 more pairs to be exact, this was a good day, i finished looking around and headed for Zelenogorsk where i am writing this from now waiting for the group to wake up and come and meet me

Day 2(Part 2) :

I took a little nap outside the base and when i woke their was 2  people in the base doing some work i shouted to them over the gate and told them i was looking to trade, they let me in and game me some of the things i was looking for i still hadn't gotten a Assault rifle though, i went back out after getting some of the stuff i needed and headed for the army base in zlen, where i found more ammo and several grenades (smoke and flashbang) and headed back to the north west airfield where i found so much more ammo and grenades, they just leave these things lying around didn't they, Ill head back to zlen tomorrow


Day 3: i woke up surrounded by zombies, i should have gone to the woods but i was too tired, i found a house locked the doors and fell asleep in one of the beds, i should have just gone to the woods like i always do, anyway ill have to sort this.

So they have been delt with, lucky i have so much ammo, i need to move.

So i made it back to zlen and Millie is around, and i was able to trade for an AKM, she asked me to join her group, finally have a new place to sleep, a safe place for the time being i helped organised some of the stuff they have and i fell asleep on the couch.

 (theirs a week and a half gap in my play time here)

Day 4: So i woke up most of the base is gone all that stands is the watch towers and all that is left is a few empty barrels, well shit guess ill have to go meet squishy, its a bit of a walk, what i would do for a car right now

Headed down to the armyb ase again to see if their was anything left there and i found some ammo and a few other things and headed for dubky through the woods a direct route. Im just looking for where he told me his base was set up but it seems that its not here, ill have to contact him i have to head on high to get a good signal, those apartment buildings look good.

Fuck me thats not good, i fell of the ladder and kocked myself out and my leg hurts, i have morphine and i can make a splint so i should be good to carry on so ill start going up again and be more careful this time  (this nearly killed me)

Im at the top now im felling better a little rest will do me good ill check back in tomorrow



(this is a story of what happens to my character in game you would only know this information if you find my journal in game that i keep with me, any feedback would be great and if i meet you in game it will be fun the story of us, this story will be added to when i have finished my time in game)

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I think it's a very well written introduction to Jack Ryder. Reminds me a lot of how I started in dayz. hope to meet your character in game 😄

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