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Open Contract [Open Broadcast]

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*a broadcast would catch your radio, a man would be speaking, he would sound a bit raspy and older, in his late 40s*

Ehem, good day South Zagoria... I have heard some mercenaries roam these lands, if that is true, I have work. 

I am looking for a man that shoots and tortures kids, If you are up to the task and can get him to me alive, I am willing to pay highly.

I will stay at the PA Station for the next couple of hours to hear for an answer.

*the man would repeat his broadcast once more, with less detail and then cut the broadcast*

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*Jericho responds*

”Jericho from Legion corporation here. Contact me at 99.1, there we’ll sort a more private arrangement to discuss your contract.”

*Jericho releases the PTT*

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