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Necroing old post.

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: Accidentally posted in an old thread which I thought was new because I saw it in the new posts line up, it is very fair. But it was an accident.


Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: So, I was just playing some Dayz yesterday heading back east, when I play the game I usually have youtube and the forums open and I occasionally refresh to see if any new posts have been made. Around yesterday I saw a Bring back the cross-hair post in the new posts so I thought, oh, this is probably what everyone is talking about currently and posting in so I decided to do the same. I did read the OP but I failed to notice the time it was made, I also SWEAR I saw the thread in new posts as I don't go digging into old stuff, so unless someone posted before me and got the same punishment or they deleted it leaving me to be the one who bought the thread back I do not know. I honestly did not mean to do this and I have a good track record I intend to keep so I'd like to say this was an accident and I insist it won't happen again, apologies for wasting anyone's time with the thread.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of 3 points issued by Hofer for necroing a post, and an unnecessary post.

What could you have done better?: Been a bit more careful and observant on the details of the thread in future.

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We have reviewed your appeal and points and have come to the conclusion to deny it. You posted on the thread for no reason and it was not needed. The post it self was unnecessary as it contributed nothing to the thread at all. It was a meme. The points will remain. 

With that said, appeal denied.

Signed by myself with notes.

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