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EMF. 201st

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*Pushes the PTT on his radio* This is Corporal Lev isakovich of the 201st Airassault Regiment. Any CDF forces in South Zagoria, please respond. My squad is wiped out and i am running low on munitions. Over *releases the PTT* (This radio freq is encoded for only CDF  personal to hear)

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*Vasia hears the transmission, picks up his radio and presses down the "PTT" button*

*The man on the radio has a heavy Chernarussian accent*

Ahoy Corporal Isakovich, this is Corporal Antonovich of what is left of 34th "Ryč" engineer company.

There is not alot of CDF forces left in south zagoria. As far as I am aware there is one company with very specific orders deployed here, but they are very secretive. So your best bet is to gather supplies and make a trip to Miroslavl. I was told that the main HQ of CDF forces are based there. If you truly don't have any connection with South Zagoria and your squad is dead, it is the best choice for you comrade. Otherwise, if you feel like staying here in the wonderful lands of South Zagoria, come see me in a Village called Polana.

Good luck out there bratan.

*Vasia releases the "PTT" , puts the radio down on the table and calmly waits for the response*


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