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Puppy Pack [open broadcast]

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* Benny would notice the yellow armband while rummaging through the backpacks. He'd take the radio from the person's clothes and laugh as he looked around at the sea of blue armbands. He'd hold down the PTT *

Thanks for relaying that information today, probably wouldn't have found them without you two's help.

Don't worry about the payment, those blue fucks are dead - that's payment enough.

If you run into anymore problems with your leadership in Polana, just come let me know.

From the looks of it, they took off running with their tails between their legs like usual. Whip them in shape and you wouldn't have to contact me.

* He'd take the battery out of the radio and put it in his flashlight, tossing the dead radio back onto the body. *



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*Pushes down the PTT*

Weirdly enough man, we stayed in Novy for over an hour and half after you boys got smoked. Bobby screamed something about us killing his brother moments before he caught a nade in that corner. 

Keep that same energy don't need to pretend that you took a win.

*He would be looking at the apparently dead Bobby Kalo in the Church of Novy*



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"Yes of course you guys won. Not like several of our guys looted your unconsious bodies. No need to have a radio back and forth. If you radio mauraders truly are just in a defensive pact with imbusilic dogs who masquarade as wolves, then we have no use to continue fighting you. We've made our point. Chase if you so please, I guess."





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*Artyom Wongov presses down the PTT and smiles*

Weird huh, so did we. One of us is lying but people know the truth, as you said no use to back and forth. We've made our point too have a good life.

*Releases the PTT and continues his patrol*

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