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A message to Artyom Glukhovsky

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You would hear the crackle of your radio coming to life, a car buzzing in the background and a Chernorussian mumbling and supposedly driving, the serene, blue sounds of the Chernorussian forests in the background. After a while, a quiet, female British accent is heard.

Artyom? I hope you get this.. Don't understand this stupid brick radio.

I'm sorry for the trouble's I caused you.. I just can't.. I can't stay at that camp. I'll get you.. your people hurt. I've told you who I am. I'm.. I'm sorry I left without saying goodbye.

She would appear to get flustered, then calm herself. Speaking quickly as if she was under pressure to do so.

I contacted a surgeon who knew my father. Someone who would be willing to take me to somewhere to treat me.

Thank you, Artyom.

Thank you for everything. 

The PTT cuts silent.

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*The PTT is pressed down, the sound of shuffling heard briefly before a heavily accented voice comes through the static. Birds can be heard chirping in the background.*

"Neomlouvej se. You have nothing to be sorry about. Only thing any of us should be sorry about is situation surrounding you leading to this. That people can be hurt simply by being around you is very sad."

*The smile can be heard in his voice.*

"But I am not sad. I am happy. I am happy you have place to go. I am happy you have place to heal. Though we were not able to say parting words in person, we can do so now."

"Rozloučení, Lucy. I wish you clear skies and warm suns for rest of your days. You are young girl, you have entire life ahead of you. Spend it well, prosím. Remember story I told you about toads. Keep kicking, things will get better eventually. And you are welcome. I did what anyone would do. Prosím, please, stay safe, and may our paths cross again some day."

"Na shledanou a hodně štěstí. Goodbye, and good luck."

*He releases the PTT, listening to the static that returns with a sad smile on his face.*

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