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Amber Eyes

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**The radiowaves opened up with fizzling static. The accented Chernarussian repeated before flowing into the same message in English** 


"Suits, Like sour candy, Pondwater, Amber eyes, Freckles, Stallion, Peachy keen jellybean, Ohio, Doohee, Kitten, lifeless bird nesting on a dirtmound"


**He tapped the PTT three times, broke off and once more before his shots in the dark ceased to a more coherrent message**


"Contact me on this frequency, I'll know"


**He tapped his head against the radio, stretching his back with a languid groan. Taking his first firm steps eventhough the booze weighed on him**

**He huffed a lungful of air out and began his light jog. Making a wondrous act of looking like he knew exactly where he was going at all times. Eventhough the destination was unknown. A blue gaze always vigilant**



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*Scrambling for her radio, the young voice breaks through the static sounding desperate and and broken, protests from another voice can be heard in the background along with a slight amount of scuffling,*

"Jaro? Jaro?! Is that you? F-Fine and dandy!

*The young girls voice sputters what she recalls from long lost conversations.*

Please, please tell me it's you! You sound so different  ... G-God, I knew it wasn't true ... Please, tell me you're okay ..."

*Breaking into sobs, her voice losing it's pitch and control as her breath hitches,*

"Please, p-please ...


I'm so sorry..."

*The transmission cuts abruptly, as if the PTT is released too soon.*

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*Listening on the broadcast, a confused and worried look comes over his face as he reaches for his radio and speaks in a direct manner.*

"I'm sorry but this isn't Jaro, I wouldn't lie about what I said, I don't joke about these things."

*A small break in the transmission occurs as he ponders for a moment before speaking again*

"What is it you want?"

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**He began listening to the broadcast, furrowing his brow at all the emotion from the young voice flowing out. He mouthed a few silent words amidst the cogs in his head turning, making his own assumptions and filling gaps with received information. He tapped the radio against his head habitually as if the light knocks of pressure against his temple helped his thought process. "Jaro..Wait..He wouldn't.." He silently muttered to himself. And then another voice came out**


"A lot of things, but this frequency isn't exactly the safest to talk about those things. I know a few voices now, I'll be listening and I'll be around, ya."


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**After an endless wander through the thick Chernarussian woods, the landscape opened up to a familiar sight. He took in the evening air, the cold breeze reaching in from the ocean. He began scraping the forest floor for twigs, moss and other natural materials. A makeshift frame firmly assembled with iron wire. He covered the top with moss along the twigs, before slowly crawling backwards into his hovel for tonight. The entrance hidden by loose spruce branches and the shadow of the actual spruce tree he was under. He lifted the radio to his lips**


"I'll be where.. Jaro used to hunker down back in the day, the big building. Tomorrow, in the evening hours (UTC+3  11pm ->) If you know him, you'll know the spot."

And miss, he is gone, I'm sorry. I confirmed it at his grave yesterday, I can't really understand..he used to be so...    **He swiftly halts himself**


"And mister, if you know the spot, you will find out."


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