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Musty Cheeto

Olivia's Encounters

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Opening the door to the house within Zvir, you find that it has been long since abandoned. Or seems to have been, anyways. 

You search the place cautiously and come across a study downstairs, shuffling around a bit and setting your gear down by the door, you take a seat at the desk that is located in the middle of the room. Taking a moment to breathe in the tingling air, you decide to rummage through the drawers, one of which houses a half crumpled page. It seems to have been attached to a much larger book, and upon inspecting it closer, you find that it was a sort of diary page, along with small illustrations done in ink. It is signed at the bottom



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While coming across the radio tower near Gorka, you find multiple pieces of paper on the ground along with half of the cover of the journal they belong to.
Picking them up, you realize most of them are blank, but on one, an entry is written along with a picture taped to the page using old tape. It is also signed at the bottom 

You wonder if this "Olivia" was attacked here.


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