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Apologies to Mr. Kalo.

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*Struggling with blood lose from his foot, Fitch Morrigan pushes down on the PTT.*

"You told, me to apologize Mr. Kalo, well here I fuckin' am."

*He takes a moment to collect himself, straining to get the words out.*

"I, Fitch Morrigan, apologize to Bobby Kalo for failing to show proper respect to the man. Viva la motherfucking Roses."

*He releases the PTT, as static takes over once again.*

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*Jericho presses the PTT while eating his Blueberry Pop-Tart*

"Howdy Mr. Fitch, names Jericho, I represent The Legion Corporation. These fellas, combined with the forces of other organizations, have failed to amount any real harm to my people, I believe the trade off was around three of my men getting shot to the eleven or so we wounded, but that's just semantics. In fact, I think I out right murdered one of them at Lopatino castle, dont think hes making it through that one. If you ever want protection or retaliation, were the people to call, simply contact me on my private frequency. Have a good one, and remember, here at Legion Corporation, the customer is always right. Cheers."

*Jericho releases the PTT and wipes the crumbs off his plate carrier*

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"Dogs in a wolves world."


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