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Johnny Navid

Dark places.

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*Jackson presses his PTT down*

To anyone hearing this my name is Jackson Rivers, If you feel like shit mentally and feel like harming yourself. Do me a favor and stop doing what your doing. Think about all the people who love you. There will be better days, If you are in this dark place find a way out. If you are weak and need to be surrounded by kind people find them. We are out here. 

*Jackson releases the PTT*

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*Laying on the hay stack, Kyle wipes the tears from his cheeks and grabs his radio*
*You hear him sniffle occasionally and he sounds like he's crying*

"I can't find him.. He wouldn't normally just vanish like dis. Please let me know if you find George.. George Banks."

*He sobs before composing himself once more*

"He saved my life 2 months into this shit happenin, man's like a dad to me init. Why can't I help him like he helped me? I'm so fucking useless, it's all my fault fam. I can't fuckin do dis anymore"

*The transmission abruptly ends*

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*Jackson Would hear his crying coming from the radio Jackson picks up his radio fast to try and calm him down*

He might be out there still its okay dude, Take a deep breath he would want you to be strong just like him... Listen man whats your name maybe we can meet up and ill help you find him. There is a light at the end of your tunnel. 

*Jackson Feel the mans pain through the radio you hear Jackson began to hold his own tears back as he releases his PTT*

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*Kyle composes himself before pushing down the PTT*

"Kyle Mckenzie, ex Fifty Two. I'm travelling wid Jane right now tryna find him. Got a really bad feelin, deres no way he would not contact me for over 2 weeks G.

*You hear him talk to Jane* "Yo B, it's dis way not dat way."

"Safe doe, dats bare calm of you for helpin a stranger an dat"

*He releases the PTT and continues walking down the road, deep in thought*

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