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Invalid kill

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: Because I had rights. so the kill was not invalid in anyway. and had plenty of ic reason to shoot him.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

Rolles verdict:
   No. @William89 punching @Kain is a hostile action without an initiation. @Kain is in this case allowed to defend himself and gains defender rights. Since there is no valid initiation, neither @William89 nor any of his allies gain any kill rights, neither attacker rights (invalid initiation) or defender rights (he is the attacker). As such, any kills made are considered invalid as per rule 4.3.

Rule 4.3:

You shouldn't use defender or attacker rights in situations where it doesn't make in-character sense as it can be seen as rule play. In other words, obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them any time you want and in all situations. Think about if using them to kill another character is viable in the current situation considering role play and In Character information. Kill rights gained from any rule breaks (including but not limited to baiting, invalid initiation) are considered invalid and their use will be punished in the same way as if they were not obtained at all.

My ic reason: 4 hours ago I ran into kaz at his boat soon after i get there (10 minutes give or take) vlad shows up and takes me and the people I am with but not kaz's people hostage. Rightfully my character assumes Kaz radioed vlad.  My character has the shit beat out of her  all while kaz is laughing and making snarky comments.   My character passes out and doctors tend to her before leaving the boat because I need to log. I log back on to radio sauce who tell phoneix who sends nikolai (or thats what happened to my understanding) I also radio willow who after some talking comes. willow soon after coming has a private radio call with that she refuses to tell my character anything about other then, there are the people that hurt me in the area and we have to move.  we start moving then out of nowhere  willow decides we need to go into town to get supplies. we get there run into kaz. willow and kaz go and have a private talk (maybe 5 minutes after running into him)  so my character believes she has been set up.   Stuff continues and he  threaten to be shot or killed me many times by this point.  I try to leave and was met by insinuated threats . I try to get him to leave as seen by the vod.  My character does not wish to have this conversation and was trying to avoid shooting him.  He placed himself in a situation where he did not allow me to leave and didn't wanna leave himself. and with my character making it clear she didn't wish to be there or talk  the only choice  that made sense ic was use my rights to kill him.

My rights where gained from the times he threatened my life in the format" If you do/dont do _____ I wills shoot/gun you down"





What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points and banned removed

What could you have done better?: made my pov more clear. 

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Like Roland said, William punching Kain is a hostile action with no initiation. Kain went on and defended himself and gained defender rights. There's no valid initiation, so no one got kill rights from Will's side, neither attacker rights due to the invalid initiation or defender rights. Any kills made are invalid - considering rule 4.3. Ban & points stay.

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