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Cokie Blaylock: Notice of Delivery

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*Cokie begins pedaling the device, after a few moments the screen on his transmitter begins to glow with life. A minute of constant pedaling later Cokie drops the broadcasting clutch and depresses the talking lever. A soft whirring can be heard behind the speech.*

Hello, I am calling to inform you that your package has arrived at our department. Mister...

*Cokie looks down at his hand, and frowns. The name he had written on his palm in permanent marker has become smudged, making the last name illegible. The message fades to static for a moment as Cokie remembers to keep both hands on the tuning handles.*

Mister..... Collin? Well. Sorry, it was pretty wet. You remember the arrangement so you know what's up.

*A few screeching notes from a off-key calliope burst across the airwaves in a grim facsimile of a advertising jingle*

Thank you for using Cokie's Delivery Service!


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