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Ghost From The Past - Chris Borland, You there? [Open Freq.]

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* Looking at her radio she'd be gently humming to herself thinking about the message that was giving to her. After a few moments she would raise her radio and press the PTT*

"They are coming eh?

Mr. Chris Borland. I know you are out there. Richard gave me that message.

Glad to hear you are still alive and kicking, though I didn't doubt your survival.

Its been a while. I wish to talk if you get a chance."

* She would pause for a moment, staring down at her right wrist, glancing at the S tattoo with cyan outlining around it *

" Who would of thought. The Black Seraphs would be in Chernarus.

Missed you boys don't get into too much trouble, we need to play catch up"

* She'd chuckle lightly and smirk before letting go of the PTT *

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* Listens To radio Broadcast sent out by his old dear friend the raises a radio to his mouth pressing the PTT*

"Yeah too much opportunity to be had in this country. Maybe ill own it! Also looking for the Men who had something to do with Henry's sudden departure."

" Also P... You have some explaining to do for your disappearance...One does not simply not leave the Seraphs."

*Releases Radio PTT on his radio setting it down on a table next to a detailed map of South Zagoria with Polana Circled with a bright cyan blue marker"

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