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An open broadcast to Mr. George...

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*the static crackles, pops, and hisses...and August sighs in to the mic...*

Mr. George...if you're out there, it was a pleasure talking to you yesterday. And friend, you are more right than you know.  After so long without company, taking a chance and talking to someone was well worth the effort. "A man without hope is man who may as well be dead" is one of the best bits of guidance I've heard in a long, long while, my friend. Thank you sincerely, rir, and I hope you and your brother find that Boat one day...but if not, I certainly hope that our paths cross again. You helped restore a little bit of my faith in Humanity.  This is August Patton, out..."


*August lets off the switch and turns the radio off, and smiles into the setting sun..."

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