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Flaming Samti?

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):




Why the verdict is not fair: I was given 5 points for flaming... according to staff member @Fae the rules I breached were 1.1 and 1.2

Specifically highlighted in my points message is: "We demand all our members to be polite, behave maturely and with respect towards one another at all times."  -  The reply by @Samti to my original post, he simply repeats what he put in the report... he is aware of what I am asking him but instead behaves immaturely, in direct contradiction to rule 1.1.

As a gamemaster he should be an example of a community member following the rules. If what I posted is flaming, is what he posted not flame baiting? He knew what I was asking him and instead just memes me with a CTRL+V.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: After Samti posted a verdict, I wanted some explanation behind it so I posted on his profile (not the correct avenue I know, I have since posted on his staff feedback thread). At first I simply asked for explanation. I was not rude, you can see in the screenshots. Instead of an explanation behind the conclusion of the verdict, I am given a smart-ass answer that is frankly unprofessional IMO. I can read the verdict, hence why I posted on his profile. I was not asking him to be memeful and repeat what he posted in his verdict.

I admit that I got a little hot headed about the situation and perhaps did not think through my wording before I posted but when I ask a GM a serious question, I expect a serious reply.

As soon as I came to my senses, I immediately went to staff feedback and filed my question in the appropriate format.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of my 5 warning points please.

What could you have done better?: Not called his verdict shockingly shit? Taken it to PMs or posted on staff feedback first instead of his profile? Not care or have an interest about the work done by the staff team?

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Greetings, a separate team of staff have reviewed your appeal and come to a decision. While the feedback you left was extremely rudely worded, we don't see your intention as being to flame samti. In the future though please make sure that, when leaving feedback about such things, you do so in a more constructive manner.


//appeal accepted. Points removed.

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Appeal has been overturned, had you worded your reply differently and just simply stated - "Please explain why the verdict doesn't go into any detail about the situation whatsoever" instead of saying "No no fucking no. Please explain the shockingly shit verdict that doesn't go into any detail whatsoever" then it'd be a different case. However, what you said was clearly flaming. 

In the future, try to give more constructive and polite criticism. 

Points re-instated, signed by @JimRP and @Randy.

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