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Nikki Sixx (96.3)

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*Rico would set down his bottle of tequila and pick up a nearby radio*

"Hey Motherfucker its Rico, this is the frequency I gave you so you better be listening. Im fucking talking to chu Nikki. Three days esse, then ill tell chu where to bring it mang."

*Rico pauses for a sec after clearly losing his train of thought*

"Chyeah motherfucker, three days little worker bee. Three days"

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* Anthony Carter enters this frequency after Nicky gave it to him *

Alright fam, you been tryna rob my homie Nicky from his pants yea, a real pussy action bruv, you've been messing with the wrong lads fam, mad thiengs about to happen to you son you better start hiding fam, because the cats are set loose on rats like you little bitch, rat hunting hours yea. 


* Anthony releases the PTT button *

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*Charlie would press the PTT*

Oi if you think your getting anything from my fuckin mate nikki you got another thing coming you greasy wetback fuck.

you'll be in a ditch soon cunt

*Releases PTT*

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*Gary would press down the PTT*

Oi greasy cunt. I heard rumour tings that you are messing with my boy Nikki's vibes fam. Roadman tings, me and the boys from the ends will poke hella holes in your fat belly fam. Gon' Shank ya and fuck your nan innit. 

*Releases the PTT*

Edited by Blake

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*Joey would grab his radio*

"Rico yeh? Bet"

*Joey would put his radio down*

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