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Since when has this been a thing? and why?

0 - 15 warning points received in the last 90 days = next warning will last for 1 month

16 - 30 points = 2 months

31 - 45 points = 3 months

46+ = permanent warning until the admin team decides to revoke it

Example: Roland has gotten 2 banstrikes (20 points) in the last 90 days. His next warning will last for 2 months!

@Roland last one as I never remember this being enforced why only now does this get done?

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About 5 years.

To prevent repeated offenders from just waiting out warnings and continuing to break rules afterwards.

@Eagle It has always been enforced, when issuing points there's a widget on the right side of the screen that shows staff how long the warning should last. It has never been removed.

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