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Killing Ellie Hoste. [Open Frequency]

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A teenage woman would be heard over the radio. Her voice would be murmuring, as if she is in great pain. You would also hear a car humming in the background, along with numerous other computer-like beeping sounds in the vicinity.

H-hello? Coughs I would like to set a bounty on an Ellie.. 

I believe she used to be associated with some medics.. But now I don't know, some bandit people.

She killed my father. My Dad, and I'm simply looking for some simple revenge.

Her breath would be getting shorter and shorter, as if it is painful for her to speak.

I have things.. Things people want.

The business who ran my Dad's and my operation has resources.. Guns, transport.. information on anyone you want.

They can help find and kill whoever you wish.

I need Ellie alive. Bring her to me.

The transmission stops



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*While chopping down a tree, his radio starts transmitting a broadcast.
Jona places the axe on the ground next to him, wipes the sweat from his forehead and takes a sip from his canteen
before reaching for his radio to respond with a strong chernarussian accent.*

"Father, eh? Let me tell you something about your father. He was an idiot and worked with the wrong people so now he is a dead idiot."

*He takes another sip cold water before he continues.*

"If you want to follow in the footsteps of your dad and creep up on girls and young woman, do so for all I care ... but dont be surprised then if you end in the same way.
Ellie is a good kid with the heart at the right place and you the daughter of a kidnapper, mercenary and god knows what else."

*The transmission ends and he continues to work, shaking his head while mumbling to himself.*

"Fucking crazy foreigners!"

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*She'd hear the transmission and she'd press the PTT laughing* 

"Your father was a cruel individual. Do you wish to follow his footsteps? Cause like this other kind gentleman said on the frequency, youll end up like him.

You wont lay a hand on Ellie.

*She'd release her PTT shaking her head*

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Looking at Emily, then back at his radio which sits upon the table, Steven gets up from beside her
and reaches for his radio - pressing his PTT.

I've got zero clue who your father is.

But if Ellie killed him, there must be some pretty damn good reason why.

Ellie isn't one to kill people. She's also someone who a lot of people care about.

So I'm just saying that this move isn't exactly wise. Although... there are some people who would do such a thing.

He walks back over to Emily and slumps back beside her, smiling underneath his respirator for some reason.

As Jona said. Ellie is a good kid with a good heart. 

You, on the other hand, sound. Not that.

He loses his smile and releases his PTT, placing it on top of his backpack aside him, then lying down.


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*Dimitri listens in on the message and swiftly replies*

"Your father was not a good man. I despised him for what he did to the people in Chernarus and my friends. I suggest you move on."

*Dimitri mumbles to himself in Chernarussian before continuing*

"If anyone is to blame for your fathers death it would be me. Dimitri Stepanov. I was responsible for the events that went down. Not Ellie"

*the transmission ends and Dimitri moves on to work on some patients*

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*He would reply in a snark tone.*

"Heh... This will be interesting ano? Little girl, I admire your courage... Daughter of little fuck hunting another little fuck, maybe this will lease the tension on us..."

"If you want the details ill be happy to oblige."

*You would hear a short burst of coughing before the transmission cuts.*

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*He would listen to the message and then hold down his PTT*
"Pretty sure your father tried to take a 12 or 13 year old girl  to become a prisoner on the island, good thing we stopped him the first time but I heard he took her again after that so it seams your father was a pretty obsessive man. And if you are anything like him then fuck me you'll end up down 1 finger just like your father before he got shot."
*He would laugh and then respond quickly*
"Good job Ellie, yet I don't think we've met, when we do remind me to give you a high five."
*He would let go of his PTT and put it back on his strap and keep on moving*

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*Radek picks up his radio, having chuckled listening to the conversation take place quite a lot. He holds down his PTT*
"She worked for her father by the way, for all those interested. She's lucky to be alive after we found all that out yesterday."
"Be seeing you soon Lucy. I won't be so forgiving next time."

*He releases his PTT*


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