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Call for a holy man

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*Charles sits for a moment, looking at the bible in his hands. He then takes out his radio and holds down the PTT*

"Please.... I need help. If anyone knows where I... where I can find a priest or any kind of man of god let me know. "

*He lets go for a second before chuckling*

"This is gonna drive me straight into insanity... Please I need one..."

*A quiet laughter is heard as if he was going mad again before the radio goes quiet*

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*pushes ptt after hearing the distraught man*

Child, I am a man of God. It sounds like you are troubled. I can be found on Prison Island if you would to come over for a coffee and a chat.

*pauses for a second*

The only problem I have is that I'm nursing an evilily inflicted injury on my arm. A young child soldier, said he was 16, etched an upside down cross while holding me captive for no other reason than maybe knowing someone.  All I know is he associates with a grey haired guy named Declan.

If you or any of your friends can bring me one of his fingers we can use that as an offering to whatever demon is possessing your mind'

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*He would listen to a voice he recognizes quite well and presses his PTT*
"Oh hows it going old man you absolute dickhead. Going around on the public radio asking for help now? You aren't getting your hands on me."
*He would pause and look down at his knife*
"Don't listen to this man he is no man of god and gives 0 shits about whats happening here, he openly admitted to being a "kid fiddler." This man is in no position to help people when he needs mental help himself. Next time I find you I'll do much worse old man. I Hope that every time you look down at your arm you think of me and how you got scarred and taken captive by a 16 year old."
*He would let go of the PTT and take out his gun and take out an infected*


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*takes a deep sigh and pushes ptt*

As I said to you young man, i hope your parents are proud of how you've turned out and how you get pleasure from butchering unarmed old men like myself. 

I said a prayer for you last night

*releases ptt and goes back to caring for the sick and poorly people he was looking after

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*He sits there for a moment and thinks, then holds the radio up and pushes down the PTT*'

"I don't think I'd be able to come down to your island. The cross you speak of, it might be the same one I'm had forced on me and..."

*There is silence for a few seconds before he speaks again*

"... and after I got it I began seeing things in my dream. Hellish things.. I manged to find a bible and cross necklace but I'm not sure if they'll do anything."

*A chuckle is turned into mad laughter as Charles lets go of the PTT*

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