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S1 KOS/Invalid Initiation

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: I see this verdict as unfair for a few reasons which I will explore in this appeal. 

  1. I see @BanksRP initiation to be valid, however I do agree it could have been handled better and he did not give the defending party enough time to comply. This changes a lot and I believe it is clear the staff team did not pay close attention to this aspect given the comments posted at the end of the report. As you can see from the video I will post below, if played from the time set you will see @BanksRP pull the pin on the grenade, issue a command "Leave or you'll be shot!", and THEN throw the grenade. I agree this could have been handled better however I do not see it as an invalid initiation seeing as @BanksRP issued a command directly at a group of people, with hostile intention, and then threw the grenade. Should they have complied they would have survived the initiation meaning that compliance was realistic and survivable. I see the problem being not that the initiation was invalid but that he did not give ample time for the opposing force to comply. This is obviously important to my appeal because should this initiation have been valid, my kill on @FalkRP would have been valid. image.png.82ef74931d18ed623776d873b8bc5c83.png
  2. During the firefight G19's party told the people inside to come out of the building. This can be seen through @RavenousRP POV. This can be taken as an initiation considering the context of the fight and therefore would give me, as a member of the Black Roses, defender rights. Thus giving me KOS on @FalkRP
  3. I talked out the situation with @Devin Simpson and he agreed that while I did not have the rights to KOS him, it is understandable considering the situation and he asked that the KOS on him be dropped considering this. While I understand that staff reserves the right to continue a report when they feel it is necessary, since he was not the original reporting party and was merely sucked into the situation inadvertently, I see no reason as to why this case cannot be dropped.
  4. If the KOS on @Devin Simpson is not dropped, I think it should be dropped to Invalid Kill- Firefight or Invalid Kill- Roleplayed, considering the situation of an active firefight and him being inside of a known stronghold of a group among members of the attacking party.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I knew ICly that we had been attacked and vague descriptions of the individuals who attacked us, I had believed that I could seek the assistance of the WolfPack who live right next to us and was only acting as my character would in the situation.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to have my points revoked or have one case of Invalid Kill- On Sight removed and the other downgraded to Invalid Kill- Firefight.

What could you have done better?: I could have reinitiated on the compound, however seeing as we had already gained both attacker and defender rights in my eyes, I saw no reason to do this.

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Greetings @SmashingWB,

A team of staff members have looked over your appeal and unfortunately we have to inform you that we will be Denying your appeal on the following grounds,

Due to the original initiation being ruled invalid due to the lack of time given to the DEFENDERS not having enough time to comply before the first casualties fell making any kills you make after INVALID

To prevent a situation like this it's always smart to initiate yourself or re-initiate on the DEFENDERS.


/Appeal denied


signed: @Samti & @Zanaan + notes


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