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KOS - 7 days - 10 points

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 



Why the verdict is not fair: it isnt fair because i never tried to kill on sight, first off when i got to the base by the water i wasn't shooting but once i got shot at i wasn't just gonna let them keep shooting at me so i popped one shot and hit the guy for a warning and thats when they started shooting at me and hit me a couple of times. second, the guy that came up to me and had a convo with me for like 5 min until trying to leave my base. i told him to put his hands up and dont move which is an initiation and he didnt want to rp it which he decided to run away i followed him and he pulled out his gun which then i fired cause i thought he was going to shoot me. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: N/A

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: lowered sentence or at least a warning 

What could you have done better?: been louder with initiation and should have met them sooner to find out the situation in game.  

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The Staff Team have reviewed the appeal.

After reviewing all of the evidence we have decided to alter the verdict. The Attempted Invalid Kill will become Inconclusive and the Invalid Kill (KOS) will remain Guilty.

For the Attempted Invalid Kill, it is not Inconclusive because in your POV you state that you initiate on the person running away and you open fire. Now without video evidence and with the POVs conflicting we can't confirm it there was an initiation or not.

For the Invalid Kill (KOS), it is Guilty still because you state in your POV that after the person is killed who you initiated on someone comes up to the body and you shoot them. The people that you shot at and killed were not in the same official group therefore you would not have rights on the person who came up to the body. If you wanted to kill this person you would have to have Kill Rights from either initiating on the individual or gaining them from Defender Rights which didn't happen. You state that you were shot at and you gained them that way but there is no way for you to confirm who shot at you and hit you. With that said the following stands.

You Ban & Points will remain the same as the original punishment.

Attempted Invalid Kill - Inconclusive

Invalid Kill (KOS) - Guilty | 7 Day Ban & 10 Warning Points

Signed by: @DrMax & @Randy

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