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Ashley from the bar

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*Beau is sitting in a little house north of Novaya Petrovka sipping a beer he found in a car. As he pushes his PTT on his radio static can be heard as he begins to speak*

Well, I don't know if you can here me Ashley, I hope that was yer name, I'm horrible with names. It's Beau Jenkins I met ya up at that bar a few days ago in Novaya Petro somethin. That lil shit Brooks was feeding ya a lot of shit pickup lines and gifts that was supposed ta be from me. 

*He lets go of his PTT to take another sip of his beer before continuing*

Anyway, ya showed me yer lil homestead up in the school with yer tent and whatnot, just wanted ta let ya know that that youngin brooks happened to find it and is makin it his lil stash house. He's buildin walls and stuff around it. I've been helpin them out a lil bit with the building and they're gonna let me stash some shit there too.

*There's another pause as he finishes off his beer and smashed the can before throwing it in the fire. More static can be heard as he continues*

I dunno if ya have been back by and seen it yet, I was keepin an eye on yer stuff for ya but they musta started buildin while I was sleepin. Anyway, I reckon if yer ever back in town I'll make sure ya git yer stuff back, I know it wasn't much but yer shit is yer shit. If ya need anythin just let me know hell, maybe we can go on that epic adventure you were talkin about.

*Beau releases his PTT and puts his radio back on his vest, then remembers something and pushes his PTT one more time*

Oh yea, I almost fergot, I know ya like bourbon an I happened ta find some, maybe we can have a drink sometime

*He releases his PTT and figures he might as well go hunting for a little bit.*

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*Dommy sets down the pack of vybor OG seeds on the table and grabs the radio*

Is there a birdie out there? Look mate if you didn't get her digits then it ain't worth talking about her here she don't really care

it just make you look like you aint got game bruv


*Dommy sets the radio on the floor then kicks it away*

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*presses the PTT* 

A birdie? Perfect innit my lad here Gary been looking for one, fam got denied by 3 already

"Releases the PTT* 

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Posted (edited)

*Presses PTT*

Yup, dumb on my part, never asked for em. I was so tired I couldn't think straight. I figured I'd give it a shot. As far as game goes, don't need it *chuckles* thers no point in game these days. Ya either get along and look out for each other or ya don't. Hell, I aint lookin for a love connection, just thought I'd pass on some info she might want ta know and make sure she's alright.

*Releases PTT and shakes his head. "these idgits are actually tryin ta hook up.."*chuckles to himself again*

*Presses PTT*

Well, if you fellers that heard this happen to run across a lil blonde named Ashley, last I saw she was wearin a black cowboy hat, I'd appreciate it if ya let her know her tent was taken over and I wanted ta make sure she was alright.

*Releases PTT*


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