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A day as John Patrick

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I woke up in a town called Dubrovka, I heard rumors that my friend Bucky was in the same country. I wanted to find him so we could reunite and become stronger together. I followed the stream because I knew that there would be some kind of town along it. I walked past a makeshift base in a barn and proceeded to hear gunshots extremely close. I went to go investigate. I met a seemingly nice man in need of food, I didn't have any to spare but because I am or at least I think I am a kind person I gave him my only peace of food my plum. We traded names his was Jack and we talked for a few minutes, about how much of a shit hole this place is. He told me that at his lowest he was almost killed by the biters, and he was assisted by a doctor, shortly after we parted ways. I saw some animals in the field and knew that it would solve my soon to grow food problem, they were dispatched of and cleaned for eating. I worked my way up the road towards a new town, it was called Gorka. I've only seen it from a far in the woods from when I was hunting in the neighboring trees called Black Forest. I knew that there was a town with a water well on the other side of those trees. I traveled trough and met Bucky in the town of Guglovo. I was ecstatic to see him for the first time in years. We traveled trough a few towns and decided to go and scavenge some better gear from some close military bases. We went through Vybor and not much occurred, however at the tents at North West Airfield their was a odd fellow who beat up a Zed with his helmet and chucked and abruptly left in a hurry. We soon after decided to go one more town north to Novaya Petrovka. I stumbled into a group of southerners just north for the main part of town at the apartments, I called bucky over and we had a chat with these fellows, They told us that there was a pub just down the road gleaming with life and we just had to see it. We met a man named Bog Dan and a woman Dr. Miranda Fox I told them that I had some food to spare and they kindly accepted and we made a fire and talked for a very long time. I asked her if she knew a man named Jack, he needed medical attention because of infected and she was a doctor so why not, she kinda dodged the question, saying that shes met a lot of people named Jack. The only thing that was off was Dr. Fox, she seemed overly shy, Looking away whenever you looked at her like she was hiding something. I noticed a little bit of black on here eye and decided to investigate. She told us that she was beat on the south, I was baffled that anyone would ever hit a woman, even one who was around to help. I asked her if she knew where she was when this occurred, she said no. I had an itchy feeling that she was trying to hide somthing.   

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