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Broadcast to a certain 'Peter West'.

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*The frequency would crackle for a short period before the start of the transmission, you would hear what sounds like paper and the creaking of a chair before a softly spoken Chernarussian voice began to sound.*


"Greetings, I am speaking on behalf of a man by the name of Icas, whom is currently unable to communicate himself. He would like to get in contact and if possible arrange a meeting with a man by the name of 'Peter West', He believes he may have something in common with you and would like to reside in such matters. He awaits a response for where details can be arranged."



*The broadcast would cut after a few seconds.*

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Peter sits in a forest next to a small river when he suddenly hears his name. He shakes his head and presses the PTT 


He releases the PTT 

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*Icas thumbles with his radio trying to figure out how it works, He then rotates through the frequencys and hears the broadcast. He pushes the PTT*

*You will hear a unsettling quiet and raspy voice come through*


Greetings Peter, I am the one who tries to contact you. I am Icas.

Im contacting you Peter cus i believe you and i should get to know eachother.

I heard alot about you on the Island, The guards says you and i look alike.

I wanted to speak to someone that might know the feeling of unacceptance from others.

Not to mention the already built up hatred towards us creatures who look and act different, than the others in the Animal kingdom.

I believe you and i should talk and see if there could be a potential Light created within the Dark.

I can assure you this is not a trick, I will leave you with all the advantages i can think of.

Besides im not exactly a fighter in that regard, If you want to meet i'll let you choose the place and i will come alone.

You have my word from a "Creature" to another.

Stay safe Peter.


*Icas lets out a loud dying sounding breath and releases the PTT*




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