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Server time (UTC): 2020-07-13, 16:52
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S1 Invalid Kill/Griefing Polana Construction

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Server and location: S1, Polana Construction/Factory

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 17:44-17:50

Your in game name: Jordan Hudson

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):N/A

Detailed description of the events:

My character woke up, and saw that there was a man inside of the base of the Road Dogs. My character confronts this man verbally, asking why he is in the base. He keeps replying with "My friend, my friend, my friend", so my character gets curious as to why this man is stalling. Come to find out, he has a buddy ontop of the storage for the Road Dogs, and opened every gate lock we have (three of them). Then, they all walk out (as ordered by my character, not initiation, just asking nicely). As they are walking away, my character asks them to stop and talk for a second. They begin to run away, and when they were looking right at me, they see me fire a single shot into the air, and they open fire. They changed the combo locks before I even shot in the air, not even showing the slightest bit of initiation. They begin to throw grenades, and my character retreats to the guard shack in the construction site. I lock the doors, and I hide in the bathroom for about ten minutes, when eventually they unlock the doors and kill my character as soon as they unlock them. They griefed the combination locks because they changed the ORIGINAL lock codes so my group members cannot open them now.


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Connection Logs:


17:23:10 | Player "Jordan Hudson" is connected
17:24:47 | Player "Jordan Hudson" has been disconnected
17:28:01 | Player "Jordan Hudson" is connected
17:45:58 | Player "Jordan Hudson" has been disconnected
17:59:28 | Player "Jordan Hudson" is connected
18:07:11 | Player "Jordan Hudson" is connected
-Still Online-

16:57:46 | Player "Leonid Akimov" is connected
18:09:07 | Player "Leonid Akimov" is connected
18:09:41 | Player "Leonid Akimov" has been disconnected
18:10:17 | Player "Leonid Akimov" is connected
-Still Online-

15:54:08 | Player "Duncan Heighway" is connected
18:09:45 | Player "Duncan Heighway" is connected
-Still Online-

15:49:46 | Player "Masali Salamander" is connected
17:19:56 | Player "Masali Salamander" has been disconnected
17:24:02 | Player "Masali Salamander" is connected
-Still Online-

Hit Logs:


17:44:28 | Player "Jordan Hudson" hit by Player "Leonid Akimov" with KA-101 from 3.2885 meters 
17:44:29 | Player "Jordan Hudson" hit by Player "Leonid Akimov" with KA-101 from 3.56354 meters 
17:44:37 | Player "Jordan Hudson" hit by Player "Leonid Akimov" with KA-101 from 1.6835 meters 
17:44:38 | Player "Jordan Hudson" hit by Player "Leonid Akimov" with KA-101 from 1.68469 meters 
17:44:44 | Player "Jordan Hudson" hit by Player "Leonid Akimov" with KA-101 from 1.76445 meters 
17:44:45 | Player "Jordan Hudson" hit by Player "Leonid Akimov" with KA-101 from 1.76445 meters

Kill Logs:


17:44:28 | Player "Jordan Hudson" (DEAD) killed by Player "Leonid Akimov" with KA-101 from 3.2885 meters 

Calling in:

@Jpurts | Leonid Akimov | POSTED
@ChrisW | Duncan Heighway | POSTED
@TehMellow | Masali Salamander | POSTED

For your full detailed POV's and any video evidence you may have.

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@ChrisW and @TehMellow were also there, will give my pov soon. But before I do, I would like to inform OP that lying in a report is not allowed.


Edited by Jpurts

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Howdy Gamers. We'll start with the grand entry; I myself took the time to guess your very secure combination locks. Upon entering the compound we put code locks back onto the gates to ensure we wouldn't be ran up on by others. We took time to look about the gaff we walked into your loot room since the door was left wide open. Then you log on. I'm the first to spot you and I dive into cover, I wasn't hiding from you I just guess you didn't spot me wiggling about on the roof. Eventually you spot my compadre @Jpurts, at this point he begins to have a nice conversation with you, at no point did he troll during this meeting, he did indeed say my friend a few times but it wasn't in any form other than to address you. You grew very agitated with @Jpurts as he asked if he could leave, you then spot me. At the point you spotted me I expected that you would come to your senses and calm down a little now that it's a 2v1 situation but you continue to be very aggressive. I try to deescalate the situation but it's very apparent you had no intention to calm. While this is going on my other esse @TehMellow attempts to leave, you spot him aswell and continue to run your mouth in a 3v1 situation. NVFL? Maybe, not for me to say. Eventually we all attempt to leave on our own accord but you say "No you're not, you're staying right here", I don't know about you but that sounds like a threat and demand to me thereby constituting an initiation. We leave the compound after refusing your demands and @Jpurts picks up the code lock from the floor after you accuse us of sawing them off. The gate swings closed and he puts the combo lock back on the gate, at no point would he have had the time to change the combo lock. As we are wondering off up the street you fire a shot. I don't know if it was in the air as I didn't happen to see, I was told this was a warning shot and given your attitude towards us this made sense. I personally dipped up onto the hill and took an overwatch position firing off a few shots here and there more to rock you then actually hurt you. My boys @Jpurts & @TehMellow run up to the compound walls after turning to engage your fire. @Jpurts gets himself over the wall and kills you.

At no point did you "ask nicely" you made a demand, we went against that.

At no point did @Jpurts only reply "My friend, My friend" it was to address you at the end of a sentence.

You yourself were aggressive towards us as we attempted to leave and you attempted to make us stay. You seemed very vexed by the entire situation and at no point did you stop to think that these 3 men in my base might just be a big enough threat to my life that I might contain myself.

And just so we're clear I'll give you a TL;DR.

  • I guess combo lock.
  • I get into loot room.
  • You log on, we scatter.
  • You get aggy and 'demand' we stay.
  • We ignore your 'demand' and leave.
  • You fire a shot moments after an aggressive confrontation.
  • You get engaged because of your actions and engage us in return.
  • You die.

If yous need anything more from me @ me, otherwise im outty to RP boys. Have a good day.



I should mention that when you say; "and opened every gate lock we have (three of them)" you fail to mention that these three locks use the exact same code (199) and are required to be opened to gain access to the base, Furthermore you saying "they changed the ORIGINAL lock codes" isn't entirely true as only one lock was reapplied to the base not multiple. 

Edited by ChrisW

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The logs have been updated to add @ChrisW & @TehMellow

Please post your full detailed POV's and any video evidence you may have.
Do not contribute to back and forth.

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After coming across a base on our travels @ChrisW guesses the code to a 3 digit combo-lock on the entrance, I have a mooch around as you do looking around for some nice treasure. After doing a full circle of the compound I notice someone pointing a gun at @Jpurts I stay in cover in-case the situation escalates, eventually he comes across @ChrisW so I slowly emerge from the bushes towards the front gates, as I open one he says something along the lines of "Oh you sawed the fucking locks" as we go to walk out he says "You're not going anywhere" which we promptly tell him that we definitely are. When outside @Jpurts puts the combo-lock back on the front gate, as we start to leave the area I hear a shot go off and @Jpurts shouts "He just shot at me" I see him running to cover so I spray a few shots into the compound. We retaliate with @ChrisW taking a position on the hill and myself helping @Jpurts get back inside in which he finds the guy and kills him.

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Bonjour Marines. Myself @ChrisW and @TehMellow head up to the road to the Road Dog base and Chris manages to guess the combination lock within 5 minutes, once we are all in the compound we put one lock back on as to assure our security of others getting in the compound. We went to your loot room which had been left open and took hardly anything besides some food and tools before @ChrisW announces that he sees someone , I run out of your loot room and around to the rusty oil tankers which is where you see me. At this point you raise your weapon to me and begin to be aggressive and demand to know why i'm in your base. Not really sure what to do, I simply say "My Friend I am looking for food, I have been walking in the woods for months" which you see straight through and demand that I leave. Swiftly after you see @ChrisW on the roof and head up to him and I follow you. I pull my AK 101 out and Chris has his M21 out yet you continue to argue when two men with weapons are in front of you. @TehMellow goes to the front gate to unlock it for our soon to be escape and you see him as well. You head towards him and as he opens the gate you state  "Oh so you have broken the locks off" or something along those lines. As we go to leave you Demand that we stay  You then continue to shit talk us as I pick up a lock off of the floor and put it on the door as to stop you following us. As we begin to walk off and the obscenities are still coming my way I laugh and thank him for his cooperation before beginning to jog off, I hear a crack of the OP's UMP go past me before instinctively turning around and putting a burst of around 5-10 rounds in his direction(Seeing his gun obviously pointed in my direction) before seeking cover and announcing over the radio that he shot at me. I move along the wall before speaking to him, asking him what he was doing shooting at me. He first tells me he was "Shooting in the air." I then tell him he was lying as the rounds almost hit he and i saw his weapon in my direction before he changes his story to he was "Shooting zombies" and once again I call him a liar, we trade obscenities and he calls my character a "Russian dog" and I don't take that too well IC, i call his mother a whore before throwing a RGD-5 over the wall and calling @TehMellow down to the compound so we can jump over the wall as i did not know the code to the lock I had put on the door as i had picked it up off of the floor as previously stated. @ChrisW assures me that the OP is in the bathroom before I get over the wall and shoot the locks off of both doors to the room that the OP is located inside of. At no point does he attempt to surrender knowing that he is outgunned and  outnumbered as well as being woefully under kitted for the situation he found himself in. He shoots through the door which he has locked himself in whilst I stand to the side before opening the door and spraying him down as stated in the logs.

I would like to counter the OP for NVFL, and possibly lying in a report, but I would like to assume that the OP forgot to put things into his PoV rather than purposely not putting things into his report which could incriminate him. As for the NVFL, @TheMcCafeMenu's character is a 17 year old who has no military or combat experience and he decided it would be a good idea to stand up to 3 armed men while having a sub par weapon and no armour. The fact that he initiated us on while we all had guns out and we decided not to blast him away for being foolish shows that we had no real hostile intentions until he began to throw obscenities and actually shot at us for what I can assume it not complying to his original demands. I will be open to discussing the closure of this report with the OP if he wants to, otherwise please @ me if i am needed, thank you.

As for the "Griefing" I put one lock on the door which I didn't have the code for and you at least 5-6 saws which you could have easily cut the lock with, and i had plenty if IC reason to do so, so that is simply invalid and should not be part of this report.

Edit : If OP would like to talk this report out, just message me either on here or on discord, same name, cheers.

Edited by Jpurts
adding about "griefing"

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I never raised my weapon at you or toward you at all. Right there proves your story does not line up with your buddies' pov. Anyway, I never did initiate on you whatsoever. Telling someone to stay where they are is not initiation, even when I said "you better stay, guys." I never stated a consequence or raised my gun for initiation. When you all decided to run down the road, one of you decided to look back at me, which gave me the opportunity to shoot in the air one time to gain your attention because you all were too far away to hear me yell. You immediately start opening fire when I even explained I just wanted to talk to you when you rushed at the gates. I locked myself in the guard shack because I knew exactly how this was going to end, just another excuse to kill someone, and a reason to gain more loot or something. Almost no rp was even used when I was buckled down in the guardshack to talk me down as well, to see if I would compromise. You rush the guard shack and someone threw two frag grenades, you unlock the guardshack doors and rush into the bathroom and take me down. Im assuming (not accusing) you also metagamed by not talking in game over the radio If you were using discord to talk to them, because I didn't hear your voice at all outside the shack.

Edited by TheMcCafeMenu
accidentally quoted

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@Jpurts - Invalid Kill - Inconclusive


The staff team discussing this report have come to the conclusion to deem the rule breaks at hand inconclusive.
To make it very short and simple, there simply isn't enough evidence to go off that could reveal what actually happened. We have the OP's & the accused party's POV's conflicting with eachother.

Given these circumstances and the lack of sufficient evidence, we simply can't take this report further to come to a solid outcome.

That being said, the following applies


@Jpurts - Invalid Kill - No actions taken

Signed by @Phoenix & @Samti with notes

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