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Cody Baton

Merciless - Recruiting (Freq. 88.4)

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*Radio Crackles to Life*

This is the Second in Command of Merciless Cody Baton we are looking for new members to join the group, anyone who is interested in joining us reply back on this frequency and I will get in touch with you. John what the fuck are you doing over there, OH SHI-
*Radio Becomes Silent*


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*Kyle hears the transmission and stops taking panels off the fence he made. He shakes his head, picks up the radio, and begins to hold the PTT*

"Yo safe G, it might be a good idea to let mans know what you're about n dat. Sounds sketchy wid you not givin any info init, for all we know you might be a cannibal or somethin fam. Dat being said I'm sure you aint bad people, jus wanted to help you out a little. Stay say out dere and good luck wid whatever you got goin on init G"

*He would release the PTT, pick up his crowbar and continue dismantling the fence*

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.::: The static clears :::.

.::: "Hope your man John is ok, you should focus on yourselves before taking on anymore! Anyhow, anyone going to these boys make sure keep others updated. To the fella transmitting, I'm sure you boys only mean good but you gotta be proving yourselves trustworthy before people are going to walk into your arms." :::.

.::: The static ensues :::.

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