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Server hopping in order to get inside my own base

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So, due to some weird placement, the issue I got is that from the outside, I am unable to access the lock I've got on the gate I made. This issue lead to basically the only way of accessing the building I was trying to claim as my own by server hopping. 

Is it even acceptable to server hop in order to get inside your own base?

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Yikes, didn't think of this. 

Guess people have ideas on how to get into peoples bases now. 
But if it is something you can't help, I don't see the problem if your doing it to fix it.


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If this is the only way in you can do it one time so that you can get in and dismantle the wall. You can not permanently do this and you must fix your gate as it is considered AOGM.

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Fair enough. I'll try to fiddle with it a bit more and see if I can get it working, otherwise I'll give up on the location. Thanks for the quick answer!

EDIT: Give up on the location as in get rid of the lock so it is accessible just as if normal. It's just a gate placed upon an existing building.

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You can always just submit a support ticket with:

  1. Screenshot and description of the thing in question in game that needs to be deleted
  2. Screenshot of DayZ map where it is located
  3. Which server it is on

We can then dispatch a friendly GM to nuke it from orbit. Same goes for abandoned bases that you stumble upon which can be deleted to increase server performance, etc.

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