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The De Valera Pub

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*Aidan presses the PTT and an Irish voice takes the frequency*

"Everybody come stop by The De Valera Pub in Novaya, drinks are always on the house! We got a great fuckin' supplier we do. Bring all your friends, we have music and any dink you can imagine. need to do a bit of tradin', we got that as well! The De Valera is the premier place for recreation and trade in Chernarus, dont be shy, come stop by."

*The sound of Irish folk music can be heard before Aidan releases the PTT*

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*He would press on his PTT with a chuckle at the words he heard*

"Well buddy you can count me in, so long as I can bring my Armalite of course!"

*His chuckle would continue as he released the PTT, cutting it off quickly*

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*Jan hears his radio go off and decides to respond*

''Good to hear some folks are setting up a pub again. Maybe we will come down one day.
We could even help you out with some live music.''

*Waits a couple of seconds*

O one last thing. We heard rumours of you folks wearing checkerd armbands. Don't know if its true, but we from Redwood Radio kind of use those armbands to identify ourselves.
Don't want people to misidentify anyone....

*Signal fades away*

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*John holds his PTT as he sits by the still water fountain*

Great to hear you boys officially opened up for business! I'll probably head your ways in due time to hang around for a bit. My offer still stands if you boys ever need some fresh steaks brought to your pub feel free to give me a call on the radio. A pubs not a pub without good food to go around! Hope to see you boys soon!


*He releases his PTT as he goes back to relaxing by the fountain*

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*Jonny turns on his radio and begins to get rowdy*

oi bruv I been to the pub yeah, bossman was feedin me liq like no tomorrow he was. Was crawlin out the pub

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.::: The static clears :::.

.::: "Would love to walk back into a pub again. Reckon I'll get a bunch of fellas to come over. Good shit man, nice to hear." :::.

.::: The static hits the frequency again :::.

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