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Andrew Ohl

Just a Weary Traveler

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*Michael would press down on his PTT, the audible static would be complimented by the jangling of gear and and supplies sounding off with every step he took*

"Greetings to everyone on this net! My name's Michael and I'm currently doing a bit of traveling up north from Cherno, doing some exploring and such, would anyone on this net know of some communities that wouldn't mind me resting my weary bones there while on my journey?

*There would be an audible pause as the jangling of equipment took over the sound of his voice momentarily before he spoke again*

"I wouldn't mind working or trading to return the favor! I ain't got no problem returning a good deed done unto me!

*He would finally release the PTT, the static cutting off abruptly as he did so*

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With a cigarette in between his lips Eli stood in the watchtower. In the distance Novaya Petrovka beginning to take shape as the sun slowly raised. Upon hearing the radio a smile would form on his lips, his right lazily moving towards the cigarette while his free hand went to press the PPT. For a brief period of time the wind would take over, seconds later a smooth and rather raspy voice following. The man presented a strange accent yet managed to keep a polite tone.

"Hello fellow traveler." 

He greeted the unknown speaker, a brief pause following as he takes a drag from his cigarette.

"My name is... Well that's not important. What's important is that I do a lot of traveling myself." 

"Lately I have not seen any open communities around the areas of Green Mountain, Vyshnoye or Grishino. Honestly that area of the north is rather dangerous to my eyes, specially the towns that are nearby that one big military airfield. Yeah, that place is just a constant shit storm, not only because of the biters but because of the people that roam those areas."

Suddenly the speaker is interrupted by the soft sound of burning paper followed by a sigh.

"You know, you hear a lot of stories from that place... Let's just say that not all of em' are pretty."

"Your best bet for a safe traveling route would be to head towards Nizhnoye and from there just straight towards Gorka following with Severograd."

Eli would take one final drag from his cigarette before tossing it over the edge of the watch tower, his gaze following the half burned cigarette till it was out of sight.

"Now, if you are that desperate for some... 'Friendly interaction' - You can always try your luck in Vybor. Y'know, Chip's shop. Other than that I dont have much information to give. Just keep in mind that if you happen to run into trouble just stay cold and dont try to be a hero. Heros die often nowadays... Sadly."

"Just remember. Be nice to the locals, scout out the towns before you dive in and for fuck sake, be careful with the biters. They seem to be more active lately."

"Good luck friend."

With that said Eli released the PPT, his hand now crawling towards his pocket to get another cigarette.

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