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Unecessary Post 3 Warning Points

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 75ce127464c59ef8ef9707d7ce617fa9.png.4f258c560ed37896fbe1304d721aa864.png



Why the verdict is not fair: I got the warning points for an "Unecessary post." I, do not believe it was as such. I was not taunting, provoking, or being a radio warrior. "Wonky Tonky" can mean many many different things, that's why I did not leave a spoiler with a translation. Afrikaans use the phrase, Irish use the phrase, and Americans use the phrase. I understand how just looking at the comment it could seem a bit trolly or naive, but that phrase is in Emmanuel's vocabulary and he uses the word more often then not. Like I said there are many many translations to the word, and I left the translation on the radio thread up for debate. The proper translation I was going for, comes from the movie "Beasts Of No Nation" roughly translating to "Weird book man, learn to live life." I know it seems like a long shot, but since there's no REAL translation to English as it is an Afrikaan phrase, that's the best I could describe it.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: ae4457aaa4c26d959263a12644547acc.png.65ffa24402f9d750a97cd9115ec5abc1.png

I really don't want any warning points that I don't feel necessary... I really feel like giving me these 3 on a RADIO thread where this particular thread had much shit talking in it, I felt it completely fine. Especially, considering Emmanuel's character and personality.


What would you like to achieve with this appeal: The Removal of the 3 warning points, please.

What could you have done better?: A: Giving a more in depth response, or B: Given an English translation to the phrase.

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Greetings @StewieRP,

A seperate staff team have reviewed your appeal and have deemed your posted in the radio topic to be ok and we dont find it to be a unecessary post.

Because of this,

Accepted - points removed

Signed by @Derek Steel @Realize

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