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A voice from the Garbled Static can be heard...

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“This is Former Colonel Daniel Pratt of the United States Marine Corps. One of you sick fucks has taken my left eye. I plan to retrieve it and maybe take an eye from one of yours. An Eye for an Eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life...” 

*Radio Dies out*

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*A calm American voice comes over the net* 

Colonel this is Odin Actual, who took your eye and do you need assistance?

*Releases PTT*

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*Radio Static*

*Loud coughing can be heard*

”Some Chernarus citizens *Short cough* rushed me and cut my eye out... Couldn’t make out the names on their uniforms. All I know is they’ll pay for what they did. Even if it takes me Decades... I’ll finish what they started. I do not know if help shall be required, Actual. All I know is if they’re out there... they’ll be doing the same thing again...”

*Coughing then a wet splash can be heard*

”Damn colds...”

*Radio Static builds up*

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*Nikolai would battle against himself... they told him not to use the radio... he should not be using the radio... but he fills his mouth with stones to dissimulate his voice and presses the PTT*

Sir, colonel, I am very sorry about your loss... believe me, I know how it feels... *he would pause, his mouth in pain after having been punched so many times, after loosing some teeth... and he remembers a previous torture: the pain of the moment when he lost his eye... Nikolai hopes that nobody will recognize him*

I don't know if I may be able to help you... I am just a poor civilian... but, perhaps I could try? I think that I would like to speak with you, if possible and if you have time, sir... colonel. Just tell me your frequency, or a place where I can contact you.

*Nikolai releases the PTT*

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*Radio Static cuts off*

*Heavy Coughing comes through*

”Ah I thank you dear sir for your offer of help... but I do think that meeting me may put you in danger... *Coughing* Damn Colds always the colds... Anywho, I will say this, I always look after those whom choose to assist me.”

*A good 5 minute pause*

“Ah! Sorry, I was reminded of my old Squad mates... anyways, my frequency is 100.9 (Pratt#2667) My Radio does give out from time to time, so please be patient with me. I wish you the best of luck Sir. Beati autem mundo corde.”

*Radio Static picks up*

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