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Staff app and other questions

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This is part question(s), part suggestion which might be best answered by the admin team or @Roland himself.

I have been here a while and occassionally glance at the staff app part of the forums.  I have a good idea what each level off staff do but I haven't been able to find the following information which I would like to know and which I think would be useful to add in the application section so that people can make an informed decision:

  1. Is there a "minimum" amount of hours that people ar required/expected to put in (and if so is this daily/weekly/monthly?)?
  2. How much time are Support Staff required to spend in the helpdesk in Discord (is this per day or per week)?
  3. Are staff expected to also be fairly active IG?
  4. I am assuming that there are "interviews", is this assumption correct, and how much time is spent ensuring that they have even a basic understanding of the rules?

In terms of other questions which don't relate to the application:

  1. Is there any effort to ensure that there is a balance of RP style experience between the staff (e.g. hostile/survivor/hero etc etc) or at least some representation of various styles?
  2. It would on the face of it, seem like a lot of bullshit on the forums could be handled between group leaders.  Is the "Counsel" forum actually being used effectively, or at all, or is it a useless page with a useless tag for approved group leaders?

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1. No, what we have is a dynamic system where you have to contribute at least 50% of your teams average group effort

2. Helpdesk is completely optional. We man helpdesk whenever we happen to be online. All issues and questions can be resolved through forums as well. 

3. Yes, minimum of 5 hours per month

4. No interviews, we recruit people based on their application, reputation and account history 


Second part:

1. Yes, in terms of how many staff members can be in the same group. No when it comes what type of group they want to join 

2. That's up to the council to use. I have created the framework, they have to do the painting. 

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