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dayz exited in an unusual manner.

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tried finding this but havent seen anything yet.

For the last couple of days I'll be on the server everything is fine and then the game crashes. I don't think of it much because hey its dayz what new. Then the crashes started getting more and more frequent. for the most part I am not doing anything crazy just walking down the road or entering a home. its getting to the point where i cant play the game for more than 30 minutes before the whole thing crahses. Is there something i can do to help this?

running 16 gb rm



in the past I havent had problems nearly this bad and currently when its running im getting better frames than ever and its running at a higher visuals which i lowered again.

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Have you tried to verify the integrity of game files? And if so try a ful re-install. I'd also suggest heading over to the DayzRP discord and join the "waiting for staff help" channel.

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