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S1 Berezino KOS x3. No RP/BadRP, Baiting

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Server and location: S1, Berezino

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  22:27 UTC 2019-07-06

Your in game name: Ryan Rivers

Names of allies involved: @Logan Conners (IGN is Logan Phillips), @Joakim Svensen (IGN is Anthony Torrez)

Name of suspect/s: Unknown  (the people at the police station or the coast I didn't get there names)

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): We have a video of an earlier incident that was cleared up on both sides (in character). Unforuntately I couldn't get it via email but it's being uploaded to YT. Once it's uploaded I will post the video.

Detailed description of the events: Im going to say what happened earlier. I woke up today and hopped on DayZRP and noticed we had gotten robbed. After being told we (our friends told us in discord) were robbed. We had assumed it was the people on the coast of berezino which were later confirmed by two people at the Police Station near the Hospital (Im assuming Northern Berezino). We ended up raiding the people on the coast and managed to get back to our base (I had died in the process, I was on my way to our base in Berezino). An hour had passed and we (my friends) were at the base. My friend went out to go find a hatchet and saw a man with a red medical vest. He then asked if he had a spare ask. Later on I had told everyone in discord that we heard shot's coming from behind us in berezino. As I had said that my friend (Logan) whom was talking to the guy in the red medic vest was on his way back to the base when he attacked a zombie. After attacking the zombie the man had shot him and didn't kill him at first and we heard the shots from our base. When he was still alive he was double micing and said that they should stop shooting. After he did that, he was shot by what seemed to be the guy's friend. After he was shot I Immediately checked the area out and didn't see anyone. I went to his body to bring his stuff back and had noticed everything was there besides his Scar. After getting his stuff I hear shots going off and didn't know where it was coming from. Couple of minutes later I was shot in the head from afar with no iniation, no rp. 

NOTE: I had died at the coast during the raid and had returned to Berezino at our base. Hours later I was shot for no reason with no iniation or rp. 

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Connection Logs:

21:25:54 | Player "Ryan Rivers" is connected

21:25:27 | Player "Logan Phillips" is connected
22:24:16 | Player "Logan Phillips" has been disconnected

21:26:10 | Player "Anthony Torrez" is connected
22:37:18 | Player "Anthony Torrez" has been disconnected

21:22:43 | Player "Brody Hendrix" is connected
22:40:00 | Player "Brody Hendrix" has been disconnected

21:55:04 | Player "Chris Iris" is connected
22:50:30 | Player "Chris Iris" is connected


Hit Logs:

21:27:10 | Player "Chris Iris"[HP: 96.7] hit by Player "Logan Phillips" into LeftArm(29) for 10 damage (MeleeFist)
21:47:52 | Player "Brody Hendrix"[HP: 64.0126] hit by Player "Anthony Torrez" into Torso(15) for 30 damage (Bullet_762x39) with KA-M from 246.813 meters 

22:23:01 | Player "Logan Phillips"[HP: 90.2101] hit by Player "Brody Hendrix" into LeftArm(18) for 21 damage (Bullet_380) with CR-61 Skorpion from 5.55763 meters 
22:23:01 | Player "Logan Phillips"[HP: 87.4171] hit by Player "Brody Hendrix" into LeftHand(46) for 21 damage (Bullet_380) with CR-61 Skorpion from 5.3611 meters 
22:23:01 | Player "Logan Phillips"[HP: 80.4871] hit by Player "Brody Hendrix" into RightArm(19) for 21 damage (Bullet_380) with CR-61 Skorpion from 5.23237 meters 
22:23:01 | Player "Logan Phillips"[HP: 73.5571] hit by Player "Brody Hendrix" into RightArm(17) for 21 damage (Bullet_380) with CR-61 Skorpion from 5.10186 meters 
22:23:02 | Player "Logan Phillips"[HP: 70.7641] hit by Player "Brody Hendrix" into RightHand(47) for 21 damage (Bullet_380) with CR-61 Skorpion from 5.03951 meters 
22:23:02 | Player "Logan Phillips"[HP: 60.2641] hit by Player "Brody Hendrix" into Torso(25) for 10.5 damage (Bullet_380) with CR-61 Skorpion from 5.30987 meters 
22:23:03 | Player "Logan Phillips"[HP: 49.7641] hit by Player "Brody Hendrix" into Torso(24) for 10.5 damage (Bullet_380) with CR-61 Skorpion from 7.41639 meters 
22:23:03 | Player "Logan Phillips"[HP: 39.2641] hit by Player "Brody Hendrix" into Torso(24) for 10.5 damage (Bullet_380) with CR-61 Skorpion from 8.31762 meters 
22:23:43 | Player "Logan Phillips"[HP: 5.53248] hit by Player "Chris Iris" into LeftArm(21) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin 91/30 from 7.0661 meters 
22:23:47 | Player "Logan Phillips" (DEAD)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Chris Iris" into RightArm(31) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin 91/30 from 2.46529 meters  
22:27:02 | Player "Ryan Rivers" (DEAD)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Brody Hendrix" into Head(0) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin 91/30 from 38.224 meters
22:27:02 | Player "Ryan Rivers" (DEAD)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Brody Hendrix" into Brain(37) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin 91/30 from 38.224 meters
22:30:39 | Player "Anthony Torrez" (DEAD)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Chris Iris" into Head(0) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin 91/30 from 80.2749 meters  
22:30:39 | Player "Anthony Torrez" (DEAD)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Chris Iris" into Brain(37) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin 91/30 from 80.2749 meters 


Kill Logs:

Previous Situation death of OP
21:08:01 | Player "Ryan Rivers" (DEAD) killed by Player "Anthony Jones" with M14 Springfield from 76.5997 meters 

22:23:47 | Player "Logan Phillips" (DEAD) killed by Player "Chris Iris" with Mosin 91/30 from 2.46529 meters
22:27:02 | Player "Ryan Rivers" (DEAD) killed by Player "Brody Hendrix" with Mosin 91/30 from 38.224 meters
22:30:39 | Player "Anthony Torrez" (DEAD) killed by Player "Chris Iris" with Mosin 91/30 from 80.2749 meters


Calling in to post PoV's:

@GunRunnee02 | Ryan Rivers | POSTED
@Logan Conners | Logan Phillips | POSTED
@Joakim Svensen | Anthony Torrez | POSTED
@ImNovaaa | Chris Iris | POSTED
@cloutcannoli | Brody Hendrix | POSTED

Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE you have

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Detailed description of the events:

So basically we had just gotten back from a base raid, and my man Logan was out trying to find a hatchet/axe to get some wood. All of suddenly Logan calls out on the radio that he is being shot at by some guy and he is trying to conversate with him telling him to stop shooting and that they need to speak before continuing with situation as he had no clue why he was being shot at. Logan gives us his location myself and the rest of our mates decide to go and find out what is going on and we find Logan dead on the ground. I spotted this guy who had a camo hat on and red t-shirt on. I asked him for his name and if he was the one who shot Logan, because still we had no clue of what was taking place and we tried to calm down the situation. The guy in the building told us that he wanted to stay inside the building and he told us he was getting shot at, he then proceeded to kill my man Ryan Rivers and I question him by doing so still trying to figure out what was going on. I asked him to describe his looks, he was hesitant at start until he showed himself in the stairway of the apartment building. I told him to come outside, tell us his name and to speak with us. He offered to put his hands up and come outside but then later on changed his mind and told us that his brother would come and speak to us because the situation seemed sketchy. We promised that we would not harm him as we where still trying to figure out what was taking place. Then from nowhere I get shot and drop dead to the ground. 

Note: We're trying to speak with them on multiple occassions and we simply made no progress and out of nowhere I was shot.

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This is from my point of view I was radioed while sleeping that guys where holding up one Of my friends so I woke up and went to meet up with 2 more of his members scouting out the area.(they held him at gunpoint and stripped him of all his clothing and didn’t leave food or water for him). So now I am at the base which I see 4 guys walking away with tents and all of their gear, at this point the guy in cuffs had been let out and was getting food and water cause he was basically dead. Now I’m following them cause they took a few shots at us(which now I’m involved). So I followed them and had a clear shot which I took and they shot back. I fleed and ran back to the base letting the other guys know that they are heading into town. So once all of them at the base got gear we headed out to where they stay which I took a shortcut next to my base at the police station when I ran into a guy that was involved with the robbing and raiding. The group is called the militia. I asked him if he was part of them to make sure I had a clear opportunity to shoot him. He hesitated and finally told me and when he asked if I had a hatchet I tried to get him into my base for the other guys I radioed to come and take care of him. He got radioed that people were shooting and I told him to wait and put his hands up he kept running which I followed and once he slowed down I opened fired. He was bleeding out and my group came and finished him off. At this point I’m in a building another guy in their group came over to the dead body so I popped him in the head. Two of the members of the militia came to my building and started questioning me which I distracted them with nonsense so my other friend could pick them off and that’s what happened one guy was left and he ran off. 


Now a rule states that defenders have rights and have 2 hours after the robbery or the raiding to take action. Also 4 of them died there was one left, 5 or 6 guys came and raided my base aren’t they suppose to not know what happened up to the raiding? 

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(This is the same thing for both reports, nothing different to say about this one)Okay hello everyone! So this started when one night after my group had gone to sleep. Our green tent, car tent, AWM rifle, and some other things were taken from us. Which is fine, they simply raided us. I go into Berezino after I woke up and saw our things missing to check and see if our stuff was in town. Levi King (his IC name), and I found a base that had the car tent, green tent, and the AWM. So we took our things back and that was that. Then earlier today, we were across the street from our base and I heard a gun shot so I ran to our base only to see it being raided. Instead of being hostile or shooting, I went inside to try and see what was happening. They said we stole from them, and made up that that was their stuff that they got from a deal with the "Muslims". Anyways, they stripped me completely down naked, handcuffed me, and left me with no food or water. Luckily we had some peppers lying around in our tent. They then killed our man AJ, who had his hands up, and was kneeling on the ground. They also told me to break the rules and radio to my men even though I had no radio on me. You'll see in the chat logs that I told them I'm not going to speak on the radio without a radio. So eventually they dropped a radio in front of me and told me to tell my men to come inside with their hands up. So then they left the area, remember, they had just killed one of my men (AJ), so I wanted to go get my things back and show them not to mess with us anymore. On their way out they also took shots at @CloutCannoli, who came down to help us out as they are with us, but just live up the hill from our base. So again, giving us defenders rights. So I head up to the hospital in Berezino, Brodey is talking to the men who held us up, and shot at him. I get a clear shot and kill someone who is on the corner of a building. I then leave that area, and meet Brodey by the "grocery store" if that's what you'd call the building. One of the guys from the group is there, the same guy who ran away when Brodey told him to put his hands up, so I shoot him twice from no more than 5 meters away with the mosin. Shortly after that, (@CloutCannoli)'s brother who wasn't involved in the situation. As in he wasn't on the radio to hear what was happening, nor was he in range to hear any type of initiation was shot in the road. Which again, gives our group defenders rights. So its not like the fire fight stopped for a couples hours and we just came back to kill them un-expectantly. They were in their watchtowers crouched looking around panicking knowing that there was a fight going on. So its not like they didn't know what was happening. After we had taken 2 of the three down that were left, we approached the base, got inside, and talked it out with the man inside who told us his name was Connor Riley if I'm correct. We then leave with our nails, tents, weapons, and other things that they had stolen. I was going to make a report on them for stripping us completely, telling us we are not allowed to speak or we would be killed, and leaving me naked with no food or water. But we decided it would be better and more fun RP to get our things back, and fight back against the people who have stolen from us twice now, and killed two of our people. I have a lot of footage I can provide from when they stripped me down that I will provide if you'd like. Just know since its so much and I'm not supposed to edit anything out it will take a while to render and upload. But will do so willingly if you'd like.  

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Here is the video POV, unfortunately for some reason my voice wasn't recording. I guess I was only recording in game audio. Also when the server crashed I didn't know it would end my recording. But after we got back in, they sent us to the end of the dock where I was left naked (other than the vest they threw on me after I repeatedly typed, "//you cant strip us naked". In which in the video you can see that they make AJ strip naked as well before they killed him, which I do believe they were right in doing so as he did kill one of them. So no issue there other than stripping him naked. At the start of the video is also where you can hear their "leader" telling me basically to talk to them with no radio because supposedly "I don't care" whether or not I have a radio. You can see in the overlay for discord that I am muted, unfortunately my push to deafen wasn't working so all I could do was mute myself. But clearly I was not speaking to them until they dropped the radio at my feet. Thank you.


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This is my point of view 

I was walking into town to find a hatchet.... i ran into a guy in a red medic vest i said hello and asked if he had a spare hatchet and he did so we went to his base... we went upstairs and i waited for him to find a hatchet, he had given me a splitting axe already and asked for it back when he found the hatchet.. so i gave it back, i heard shots and said shit ill be right back.    I began to run down the road towards our base. Then i approach a zombie in front of the grocery store and put my weapon away to fight it with my fists. im almost done killing it as i see the guy i was speaking to earlier pull out  a gun and start shooting me.. i began yelling saying what are you doing, and asking why the fuck he was shooting at me. he ran behind the store and i started to bandage and then his buddy approaches. i asked again why the fuck they started shooting me and it was because we "were in their base earlier" then he shot me in the head.     

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@Voodoo last night we tried to roleplay with a guy named ivan and one of the guys in the report showed up to our base calling us pussys and saying the N word to us. I believe it was the leader of of the group.

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The staff team have looked over this report and come to a conclusion. First, as it involves an extended fight, we will start with where it begins. After discovering that their base was raided they went to the docks to confront those that took the items. There @GunRunnee02, @Logan Conners and @hAwkzyy took @ImNovaaa hostage, stripping him of all his belongings, and repeatedly reach out to his friends. ImNovaaa attempts to inform them that to do so he needs a radio, which leads to a bit of back and forth on the issue before he's finally given a radio at which point he does. AJ is then brought into camp as well and forced to strip, at which point he admits to shooting one of them, and is executed. Once the raid is finished they attempt to head back to their camp when GunRunnee02 is sniped and killed.

Flash forward an hour and 20 minutes later, and @aJoogie finds @Logan Conners and identifies him as one of those that attacked his friends earlier. He then shoots him, before also shooting and killing @GunRunnee02. @ImNovaaa finishes @Logan Conners and snipes @hAwkzyy killing him as well.


So first off in the first situation @GunRunnee02 @Logan Conners @ObviouslyGrimm and @hAwkzyy you will be found guilty of BadRP for stripping your hostage naked, which you must never do. If you wish to search them, you must either pat them down such as **Zanaan pats down DrMax** //do I find any weapons, at which point they must drop the requisite items, or tie them up and search them that way. I would also like to address the radio situation. @ImNovaaa is correct in stating that he couldn't reach out to his friends without a radio, and had you executed him for not doing so you would have been found guilty of Invalid Kill - Roleplayed

Now onto the second situation, @aJoogie you are being found guilty of Attempted Invalid Kill and Invalid Kill on sight due to your not being online at the time the initial hostage situation started, and therefore didn't have any rights. Regardless of the fact that you may have been getting shot at after shooting @Logan Conners, they were retaliating for shooting him, and you cannot gain kill rights off of a rulebreak. @ImNovaaa's kill is considered legitimate as it was within the 2 hour time limit of the earlier robbery.


@GunRunnee02 - BadRP Guilty 5 days and 10 points

@Logan Conners - BadRP Guilty 5 days and 10 points

@ObviouslyGrimm - BadRP Guilty 5 days and 10 points

@hAwkzyy - BadRP Guilty 5 days and 10 points

@aJoogie - Invalid Kill - On Sight, Attempted Invalid Kill 7 days and 10 points


Signed by @Derek Steel @Zanaan and @Saunders


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