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Beef Stew

Death of Sandra "Sandy/Bubbles" Ellsworth

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After being wrongfully accused of a crime she did not commit, Dr. Sandra Ellsworth (Ph.D. Anthropology) was killed by a member of the Black Roses.

The only information that is publicly known is that Dr. Ellsworth was wrongfully accused of holding up a member of the Roses at VMC several days ago. Due to possible backlash of Black Roses members trying to cover up this scandal which they have committed, investigation will begin to find as to who was the actual man/woman/group that held up said Black Roses member in VMC. For those that do not know, Ellsworth was a field researcher working on her second book about lawless nations and what could be taken away from them (in theory, not actuality) to benefit civilized/governed nations. 

The University of Akron and members of the Ellsworth family have funded the removal of Ellsworth's body from Chernarus and her body will be laid to rest in Glendale Cemetery, several miles from where she grew up in Akron, Ohio. The Ellsworth family has made it clear that they have no interest in making amends or even communicating with any members of the Black Roses at this time. They ask for privacy and time alone to grieve. 

Thank you. 


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