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Guest Xehara

Refuge in Berezino (Open Frequency 117)

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Guest Xehara

The distant sound of nails being hammered into wood echoes over the frequency, getting softer as she walks away from the source.

"This is Constance speaking. Greetings Chernarus, specifically those wishing to reside in Berezino without a proper refuge. Myself and fellow humanitarians have banded together to section off a portion of the North Eastern District for those without a home to find sanctuary within. The sanctuary is located across from the Police Department, minus one shop owned by a Mister Valentine. Mister Tyler Cromstead has been given charge of how this sanctuary is to be ran for the time being, but we hope to empower another individual to take over once the sanctuary is fully operational. Those interested in residing here must be aware of both the regulations of the town as issued by the C.D.F. and those of the sanctuary."

She clears her throat and unfolds the piece of paper, clearly reading from the monotone in her voice.

"No masks within Berezino. Keep shooting to a minimal, only shoot infected when necessary. No illicit substances permitted. Additionally, we ask that all civilian elements stay clear of the center district unless authorized to enter temporarily."

The sound of the paper being folded back up can be heard before she continues.

"As for the sanctuary itself. It's purpose is to house civilians seeking to live out their life in peace. As such, any weaponry must be kept on your person and should not be traded on sanctuary property, or donated to the sanctuary. We will only accept donations in food, water, and clothes. The number of survivors we plan to take in is limited to the number of beds, with two beds being reserved for 24 hour refuge periods. Those who wish to stay long term will be assigned jobs based on their skills that aid in the upkeep of the sanctuary and the street surrounding it, and we also ask that you respect Mister Valentine and his property. If you are interested in inhabiting this space, please inquire with Mister Tyler Cromstead. Signing off, Constance." 


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*Helden would reach the radio to his mouth, holding down the transmission button*

"This is Dr. Helden Tatcher. I have been residing in a small cabin next to the CDF compound, helping people with their day-to-day if needed. I'd be happy to assist you all with the "sanctuary", as you call it. Be wary that I don't ask anything in return but donations of medical supplies and such, if possible, of course."

"I will be a pleasure to meet you, perhaps even today if I'm able, and I hope we can carry this into being a safe spot for all."

*The voice would merge with the static as his thumb loosened up*

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“static over the radio as Tyler presses the PTT” 

Dr. Tatcher, hey it’s Tyler it’s good to meet you and an actual doctor would be perfect to help run things. I’m a combat medic but my training only goes so far but actually having someone to give expert advice and treatment would be incredibly beneficial. I’ll be around tomorrow ((5-6pm EST)) if you would like to meet and we can discuss things!

This also goes out to any other people who are listening, if you wanna help make a difference you can reach me at my frequency 109.0 ((thegreatmammu on the discord)) I’ll be in Berezino tomorrow doing the preparations if you would like to help again just reach out and let me know! Tyler over and out.

”The voice returns to static as Tyler let’s off the button” 

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*Vlad laughs and holds down his PTT*

"Ah yes, a sanctuary for the innocents!
Run by a drug addict who ate human flesh in Pustoshka and is currently working with a criminal organisation called the mafia.
 I'm sure you'll all feel very safe!"

*Laughter continues as the radio cuts off*

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*A convincing southern accent fills the frequency.*

"If this is the Constance it sounds like, people's may wanna be advised she's an ex cannibal. She knowingly allied herself with the cannibal group that went by the name of Funeral Parlor, back in the days. The group under the lead of a fella named Batok. Now I don't rightly know if she partook, as I hope not. Given she's a hoidy toidy 'humanitarian' now. If that's not concerning enough, I have it on good authority she's also worked under 'Vlad' in more than just one way... The same, former Dead Battery, Vlad who's terrorized this country, they supplied her with comfort and she was their rat. So I don't reckon yer peoples be keeping all those 'illicit substances' to yerself, because you all must be high as fuck if you let a back stabbing bitch like that take any kind of charge... Seems C.D.F. is even more than useless than I thought if they can't even get paper work fer a background check down..."

*He'd release the PTT chuckling before letting the same tone of voice and accent continue.*

"It should also be known her boyfriend, Kase, oh... I mean 'Rycker' or was it 'Jebediah'? *He'd laugh slightly* "He's got a lot of aliases, maybe given he's the former leader of Mac Tire. Who 'tried' to do good allying themselves with Kamenici, but eventually went on a power hungry trip resulting in his own people turning on him."

"These modern Bonnie and Clyde wannabes both been seen assisting the 'Toy Makers' before they 'escaped' their custody. So if all this ain't enough to not trusts em, you's all must not have heard my friend a few days ago explain how shitty the 'Toy Makers' are... Torturing, killing, innocent people they turn into 'Toys' fer no good reason at all."

*He'd shake his head as he'd continue with his convincing southern accent.*

"You's C.D.F., Puppy Pack, and Watchmen, peoples may wanna realize the reason you's been getting fucked so much by the Russians and Muslims is probably because yer're housing, and letting back stabbing murderers run this operation of yers. Just a thought, in case you all actually want to do some good... Cause it don't seem like it if you call these two, one of yer owns."

*He'd release the PTT letting the frequency go quiet.*

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*Tyler Hits the PTT and chuckles a bit*

Annnnywayyyy, now that they have had their say and got to feel big, anyone is welcome to come once we get everything up and running we will have a cookout to celebrate the opening of the sanctuary. Just again looking for volunteers to help run the place! Let's make Berezino a home for all who want to see the world return to peace! 

*Tyler says excitedly and then pauses*

"Tatcher if youre still listening bud and if youre still interested let me know friend! Tyler signing out"

*Tyler clicks off the radio* 

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*George picks up the radio and pushes down the ptt button*

''This is directed to the man with the southern accent you say that constance was a rat for the dead batteries back in the day do you have any evidence to support your claim, If you do I would love to hear it because if this is true then I can now solve many pieces to a puzzle which needs to be solved''

*George realises the ptt button and his mind begins to wonder*

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*Vlad chuckles again and responds*

"I can assure you that whoever that American man is, his statements are factual. Constance was my rat and my comfort client. She even ratted out her current plaything Ryker for me!

*Hysterical laughter from several people is heard in the background before the radio cuts off*

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*Volikov turns to his friend and smiles while pushing the PTT Button down*

"This sanctuary is more or so a call to people hoping for a peace of mind only to fall into victimization. The end of my rifle will escort you to hell accordingly, куски дерьма"

*The radio cuts off and falls back into silence*

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