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Invalid Kill (Role Played)

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: Based on the information that was provided before we were told to cease the back and forth I can see the perspective @Mademoiselle took and understand why. The issue is that my character had genuine reasoning to kill the hostage out of fear for his own life already taking shots 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: When I killed ZorullRP though he was saying what he was saying he may have been "Unsure" of how to raise his hands at the moment, but in mark's eyes as far as he was concerned there was potential for him to pull out a gun and begin opening fire that is because we do not know if he had any extra weapons he tried to conceal and we did not know what was delaying any interactions Mark reacted on the moment because though he did not raise a weapon... he was not tied up and still considered a threat because we were not even able to question him we had no idea what he was attempting to do and I reacted accordingly because what would've happened if didn't get shot also (thoughts of mark) was that his friends would run up he would give our location because we did not run far from the hold up location and then we would've been executed. Mark Reacted in genuine fear for his life because he did not know how hostile the people were that entered his town that put his life and his peoples life at risk. If he was restrained in any way shape or form or at least had his hands up I would not have opened fire the reason I did is because this was not the case.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I am really hoping that my thought process is better expressed here than the initial post and that there is some validation behind my action. I would like to be unbanned and my points taken off so I may continue my stream tonight and progress I made with my character over the past few days 

What could you have done better?: I should have tried to assess the situation more appropriately and realized the situation at hand. A big mistake I made was shooting ZorullRP, but in my mental state at the time I did not take the moment to think it over and realize that him saying im raising my hands multiple times was his way of attempting to communicate ooc that he was struggling with his emotes. Since this incident occurred I have been more aware and meticulous on my actions and how I handle situations to prevent fellow players from receiving a bad experience role playing with me. I take my role play and my scenarios very seriously and I try my best to provide the best role play I can provide.  

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Greetings @coolman23, a separate team of staff have reviewed your appeal and come to a decision. You state that you executed him  because you worried that, as he hadn't raised his hands, he might still pull out a gun and shoot you. However as can be seen in the video provided the hostage was in the midst of complying when he was shot within just 4 second of having been initiated on. Furthermore he was repeatedly stating that he was complying when you shot and killed him. As such your appeal will be denied.


//Appeal denied, points and ban remain.

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