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groovy willsky

Pergernantcy test results [87.5]

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*Gustav presses the PTT button of his portable radio*

Hello miss [Kumarek], I have the results of your samples. I'd rather give them to you in person and not over a radio. 

I will be at the clinic in the coming two hours, otherwise you should make an appointment. 

*Gustav releases the PTT button and throws the portable radio in an empty bucket in the cornor of his temporary office. He grabs a brand new Radio from one of the racks*

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Betka places the bottle of vodka next to her as she listens to her radio. She slowly takes the radio in to her hands, thinking of what to say before she actually responds.

"Betka here", she says with a strong chernarussian accent.

"I can make it to you in two days...", she pauses and looks down to the bottle of vodka.

"I will try to be there sooner. Thank you Doctor", she says in a very distressed tone of voice.

Betka places the radio next to her before she drinks a big sip out of the bottle.

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Betka walks alone up the street in den dark, in one hand a cigarette, in the other one her radio. She exhales some smoke before she lifts the radio, speaking with a heavy chernarussian accent.

"Doctor Gustav... Betka Komarek here", she pauses.

"I am almost there....can we talk then?", she says in a depressed tone of voice and then pauses again.

"If not... I will stay near.", she goes on and drags on her cigarette.

"See you there doctor."

Betka flips her cigarette to her side, talking to someone in the dark.

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