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S1: Possible RDM, Griefing 1/7/2019

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Server and location: S1, Svetlojarsk

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  2019-07-01, between 7 A.M and 8 A.M

Your in game name: Abdullah ALTuwaijri

Names of allies involved: none

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A

Detailed description of the events: I was driving an Ada 4x4 through Svetlojarsk heading to Berezino when I stared to hear 3 or 4 shoots hitting the car (didn’t hit me) the car had some damage (left tire , left driver door and hood ruined – Back of the car badly damaged) .. lucky I had spear with me and reached my destination when I found out I lost another tire (not a big issue since I reached it)

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@ALTuwaijri has this incident just occurred? Also looking at the logs can you tell me when this happened (before/after placing a generator/medium tent/making a fence etc.)

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6 minutes ago, Voodoo said:

@ALTuwaijri has this incident just occurred? Also looking at the logs can you tell me when this happened (before/after placing a generator/medium tent/making a fence etc.)

 a few hours ago

after placing a generator and before placing the medium tent (which magically disappeared) 

for me this isn't an issue and i wasn't sure if i have to report it or let it be 

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Position Logs

06:29:10 | Player "Abdullah ALTuwaijri" (id= pos=<13573.3, 13791.8, 5.4>)
06:29:10 | Player "Jacob Holland" (id= pos=<14194.5, 12261.8, 1.7>)
06:29:10 | Player "Jackson Hew" (id= pos=<14192.3, 12269.1, 1.8>)
06:34:10 | Player "Abdullah ALTuwaijri" (id= pos=<13573.6, 13792, 5.4>)
06:34:10 | Player "Jacob Holland" (id= pos=<14166.1, 13045.3, 2.6>)
06:34:10 | Player "Jackson Hew" (id= pos=<14138, 13038.2, 2.9>)

06:39:10 | Player "Abdullah ALTuwaijri" (id= pos=<13938.6, 13262.2, 19.7>)
06:39:10 | Player "Jacob Holland" (id= pos=<14148.5, 13217.4, 3.3>)
06:39:10 | Player "Jackson Hew" (id= pos=<14147.7, 13240.7, 3.3>)
06:44:10 | Player "Abdullah ALTuwaijri" (id= pos=<13575.6, 11751.1, 32.5>)
06:44:10 | Player "Jacob Holland" (id= pos=<13883.6, 13675.8, 8.7>)
06:44:10 | Player "Jackson Hew" (id= pos=<13883.3, 13674.8, 8.7>)


Connection Logs

06:19:07 | Player "Abdullah ALTuwaijri" is connected
06:46:30 | Player "Abdullah ALTuwaijri" has been disconnected

06:19:06 | Player "Jacob Holland" is connected
07:05:21 | Player "Jacob Holland" has been disconnected

06:24:14 | Player "Jackson Hew" is connected
07:05:14 | Player "Jackson Hew" has been disconnected


Chat Logs

06:58:33 | Chat("Jacob Holland"): // Jacob#2981 discord
06:58:44 | Chat("Jacob Holland"): 2981
06:58:50 | Chat("Jacob Holland"): Jacob#2981
06:59:02 | Chat("Jacob Holland"): Jacob # 2981
06:59:13 | Chat("Jackson Hew"): ok one sec
07:00:26 | Chat("Jackson Hew"): //where do i find it i forgot how to use discord lol
07:00:51 | Chat("Jacob Holland"): // gimme urs
07:01:03 | Chat("Jackson Hew"): //Just my username?
07:01:13 | Chat("Jacob Holland"): // yes and the number
07:01:21 | Chat("Jacob Holland"): // hashtag wont work
07:01:45 | Chat("Jackson Hew"): //Blacklight1xx  5578


Calling in to post PoV's:

@ALTuwaijri | Abdullah ALTuwaijri | POSTED
@ItsMaverick | Jacob Holland | POSTED
@Blacklight1xx | Jackson Hew | POSTED

Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE you have

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Posted (edited)

I really have no idea what your'e on about dude. The only thing I was doing wrong was inappropriate use of OOC. I will be happy to talk this out to further understand the situation.


Continued - I also don't know why I was tagged in this. i thought the suspects were unknown.

Edited by ItsMaverick

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Posted (edited)

I really don't have a clue about what your talking about we literally had no conflict with anybody as well as we logged off after establishing coms nothing more.

Edited by Blacklight1xx

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@ItsMaverick and @Blacklight1xx you were called into the report as you were around the area of the OP.

Do either of you have video evidence during the timeframes of this report?


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